Celtics Legend Roasts James Harden, Casts Major Doubt on Sixers Star

james harden

Getty James Harden has big critics.

The Philadelphia 76ers have a lot of eyes on them following the James Harden trade, and it’s for good reason because they are now true championship contenders.

Following this trade, the pairing of Joel Embiid and James Harden has been compared to the great Shaq and Kobe duo, but it might be a bit too early to say all that. What is true is this team works very well together, and it’s having an impact on the whole team.

If you’re a Sixers fan, you’re probably feeling pretty good about the future of this team, but not everyone is seeing things the same way.

Boston Celtics legend Paul Pierce doesn’t seem to think Harden is as great as he seems, and argues that if he’s played around the talent the Sixers guard has throughout his career, he’d have much more than just the one championship.

Pierce Sends a Shot

Throughout his time in the NBA, Harden has played with several Hall-of-Fame level players. The list includes Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant with the Thunder, Chris Paul with the Rockets, Kyrie Irving with the Nets and now Joel Embiid with the Sixers.

He’s spent a lot of time around some of the best talents the league has ever seen, but he’s still chasing that first title. Speaking on the No Chill With Gilbert Arenas podcast, Pierce argues he’d have five championships playing with who Harden played with.

“If I had a chance to play with the talent that Harden has played with, I’d probably be walking out of here with five championships,” he said. “I mean, he done played with Chris Paul, Westbrook, Kevin Durant, Dwight Howard, Kyrie Irving.”

His time with the Nets will likely be looked back on as one of the greatest “what ifs” in all of sports as that team was absolutely loaded with talent. While the Sixers might not have the talent of the Nets’ former big three, it does seem like Harden is a better fit with them.

Harden has spent most of his career with the ball in his hand, and that’s where most of his scoring has come from, something Pierce and Arenas mention on the podcast. That’s not a bad thing necessarily, but they mention him not adjusting throughout his career as one of the reasons he might not be able to get to the next level.

Sixers Look Solid

james harden

GettyJames Harden has a new home again.

No matter what people on the outside say right now, it’s clear the Sixers are a better team following the James Harden trade than they were before.

Having him in the lineup has unlocked more opportunities for the whole team, and they’ve been taking advantage of it. Starter Matisse Thybulle has loved playing alongside Harden, and the new guard could be the key to unlocking his offensive game.

The playoffs will be a different beast because a common critique of Harden throughout his career is his inability to make deep runs in the playoffs. With Embiid in tow, this could be the year he finally breaks through and wins a championship. Only time will tell.

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