Danny Green Reveals Why He Chose to Return to Sixers

Danny Green

Getty Danny Green

The Philadelphia 76ers brought in someone who they had familiarity with when they added Danny Green back to the roster a little over a year after they traded him to the Memphis Grizzlies. Green explained on the September 29 episode of the “76ers Insider Podcast” why he chose to come back.

“Being familiar with the city, being familiar with the team, and the group, those guys having minutes on the floor with them and knowing how they operate was a big decision aside of playing for Nick, so both those combined made it easy decision for me,” Green said, as transcribed by Sixers Wire’s Ky Carlin.

Green played under Nurse during his lone year with the Toronto Raptors, as the two went on to win the title. Green also added that he believes he and the Sixers need to tie up some loose ends.

“I feel like there’s some unfinished business. Both years I was here, the first two times, I had gotten hurt in the playoffs against Atlanta. I felt we had a good shot, and against Miami, Jo was hurt the first two games with his face. That thing was broken, and then I got hurt, and we were playing well at home…So yeah, I think we had some unfinished business with the group that we had during those years. I think that we can still make something special happen with the guys that we have here now.”

Though Green is an accomplished sharpshooter, at 36 years old, one must question how big a role he’ll have on the team.

Jrue Holiday-Sixers Reunion Appears Unlikely: Report

Though the Sixers are reportedly interested in bringing back former star Jrue Holiday, PHLY SPORTS’ Kyle Neubeck reported that a reunion between the two sides isn’t likely.

“The Sixers continue to pursue veteran guard Jrue Holiday in talks with the Portland Trailblazers, sources told PHLY Sports on Friday, but their ability to secure his services was viewed as increasingly unlikely based on how the market is unfolding heading into the weekend,” Neubeck wrote in a September 29 story.

Neubeck added that the Sixers have tried to orchestrate a three-way deal involving Holiday and James Harden, but they haven’t gone anywhere.

“The Sixers have attempted to engage the Los Angeles Clippers and Portland Trailblazers in talks on a potential three-way trade that would send Harden to the Clippers and Holiday to Philadelphia. Still, a source told PHLY Sports that those talks did not have much traction as of Friday afternoon.”

While Holiday would be a miraculous trade package in exchange for Harden, it appears the prospect might be a little too good to be true until further notice.

Danny Green Considered a Candidate to be Waived

In a September 21 story, Carlin explained why Green may be cut from the Sixers before ever having the chance to start his second stint.

“Green is back with the Sixers on a fully non-guaranteed deal until opening night. Therefore, it would cost the Sixers nothing if they were to waive him between now and then. After two seasons with the Sixers, the 36-year-old played just 11 games in the 2022-23 season for the Memphis Grizzlies and the Cleveland Cavaliers. He had to recover from a torn ACL and LCL that he suffered in Philadelphia’s Game 6 loss elimination loss to the Miami Heat in 2022.”

What could also play a factor is what happens if and when Harden gets traded. If the Sixers give up more players than they get back, Green’s spot on the roster might be safe.

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