Insider Reveals What Led to James Harden-Sixers Fallout During Offseason

James Harden, Daryl Morey

Getty James Harden, Daryl Morey

Following all the drama that’s gone on between James Harden and the Philadelphia 76ers, many wondered how it all went wrong between him and Daryl Morey? Both sides bear some responsibility, according to Fox Sports’ Yaron Weitzman.

According to people on Harden’s side, the former MVP was hurt that the Sixers did not want him back after what he had done for them, Weitzman wrote in an October 3 story.

“They maintain [that] what angered Harden the most — what hurt him the most — was that the Sixers never actually made clear that they wanted him back. Harden’s position now is that if Morey had treated him and their shared history with the respect he and it deserves — especially considering the pay cut he took just one year earlier — a compromise of a deal could have been reached. It’s just that with Houston out of the picture, they say, Morey spotted an opportunity to apply some leverage and couldn’t help himself,” Weitzman wrote.

On the Sixers’ side, they told Weitzman that the Sixers wanted him back, but they weren’t anticipating him opting in.

“They most certainly did want Harden back, they’ve said, and planned on making Harden feel wanted — but only after 6 p.m. ET on June 30, when free agency officially began, and not by handing him a blank check,” Weitzman said.

No matter which side anyone is on, the relationship is headed for an ugly divorce, with both sides likely to be happier when it’s taken care of once and for all.

Daryl Morey Responds to James Harden’s ‘Liar’ Comments

Amid the Harden drama, emotions ran running high at the Sixers’ on media day on October 2. Morey was inevitably asked about the infamous August 14 video in which Harden called Morey a liar.

Morey expressed disappointment in how the situation was handled while denying any dishonesty on his part.

“I don’t think I have to interpret it. I mean, I think he said what he meant. I think that was well reported on,” Morey said, according to Ky Carlin of Sixers Wire. “And, obviously, attacks. I haven’t responded to that because I think it falls flat on its face. Twenty years of work in the league. I always follow through on everything. Every top agent knows that. Everyone in the league knows that you can’t operate in this job without that. So privately, I appreciated all the key people in the league reaching out to me and knowing, obviously, that that’s not true. So like I said before, obviously, it was disappointing that he chose to handle it that way.”

Morey can deny all he wants, but Harden will continue to push the narrative until the Sixers grant his request.

James Harden Expected to Attend Training Camp: Report

Despite skipping media day, Harden is expected to attend Sixers’ training camp soon enough, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

“ESPN Sources: Philadelphia 76ers star James Harden didn’t practice at Colorado State University on Tuesday, but he’s expected to arrive in Colorado as soon as today to join training camp,” Wojnarowski posted October 3 on X, formerly Twitter.

Even though Harden wants nothing to do with the franchise, he still has to attend training camp, but if and when he does, he could make things very ugly for them.