James Harden Responds to Rapper’s Wild Birthday Present

James Harden, Philadelphia 76ers

Getty Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin and James Harden of the Philadelphia 76ers.

James Harden might be taking everyone on the Philadelphia 76ers out for dinner once the season rolls back around. That’s because last week, the Sixer celebrated his 33rd birthday. Among glitz and glamor, one present stood out above the rest.

Rapper Lil Baby gifted Harden a literal “bag” — a suitcase full of $250,000 in cash and quarters. It was an interesting present for sure, considering the NBA is investigating the Sixers over Harden’s contract, looking to sniff out any tampering.

And shortly after the celebration, Harden responded with a gift of his own to the hip-hop star.

Harden gifted Lil Baby a pair of “Harden Vol. 7” shoes, an upcoming edition of the superstar’s shoe line. It’s only fair, considering the sweet package the rapper put together for Harden.

NBA Stars Came out for Harden’s Birthday

Lil Baby wasn’t the only star who made an appearance at Harden’s birthday bash. Also in attendance were Nets star Kevin Durant and Thunder stud Lu Dort.

Durant and Harden played together for two seasons in Brooklyn before Harden was traded to the Sixers for Ben Simmons back in February. And Dort was given a bag of his own this summer by Oklahoma City, who signed the guard to a five-year $82 million deal.

For Harden and Durant, it was yet another sighting between the two who have seemingly spent the summer together.

Their constant interaction was a big reason why the Sixers were linked to Durant earlier this month before he rescinded his trade request. Per NBA insider Bill Simmons, the two spent some time apart before reigniting the old flame.

“[Harden and Durant] run into each other,” Simmons said on The Bill Simmons Podcast earlier in August. “They hang out all weekend. And by the end of the weekend, KD is sniffing around on Philly.”

And after Harden’s party, the two were seen carving up the hardwood together, along with Kyrie Irving. Irving, Harden, and Durant all played together for the Nets before Harden worked his way to Philadelphia ahead of last season’s trade deadline.

Harden Launched New Wine on His Birthday

Lil Baby’s gift won’t be the only new source of income for Harden. Last week, Harden announced the sale of his new wine label, appropriately named “JHarden Wines.”

Of course, it’s always nice to diversify one’s portfolio. Too many millions in revenue from one place is never a solid business model.

Harden joins a litany of other athletes who have branched out into alcohol retail. For instance, former star Dennis Rodman owns “Bad Boy Vodka” and his Bulls teammate Michael Jordan rolled out his own tequila company.

Then there are those like LeBron James, whose portfolio includes a stake in a film production company (SpringHill) as well as several sports franchises through The Fenway Group. In fact, LeBron’s interest in Fenway is also a reason why Bill Simmons is predicting that he’ll become the next Michael Jordan and Dwayne Wade — player turned owner.

Franchise ownership might still be a little ways away for Harden. Nonetheless, the wine is a star.

The affordably priced wine ($18.99) would undoubtedly pair nicely with a Sixers Finals win and Joel Embiid MVP.

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