Joel Embiid Hints at Possible Departure From Sixers

Joel Embiid

Getty Joel Embiid

Joel Embiid has been with the Philadelphia 76ers for almost a decade now. The furthest he’s gone in a playoff run with the Sixers is Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals. He’s gone that far on three separate postseason trips, and not once have the Sixers come up victorious.

It’s possible the lack of success is starting to put things in perspective for Embiid, as he revealed in an interview with Maverick Carter of that he wants to win a title regardless of where he plays, hinting at him being okay with leaving the Sixers.

“I just want to win a championship, whatever it takes. I don’t know where that’s going to be, whether it’s in Philly or anywhere else. I just want to have a chance to accomplish that, I want to see what that feels like to win that first one, and then you can think about the next one. It’s not easy,” Embiid said.

Embiid added that it takes more than someone like him on the roster to win a title.

“It takes more than one, two, or three guys. Got to have good people around you and myself. Every single day I work hard to be at that level so I can push us to make it happen. Every single day that’s working toward that goal, that’s where my mindset has always been. MVP is just an added bonus.”

As of now, Embiid has not made any trade requests, but he is entering the first year of a four-year, $213 million contract.

Joel Embiid Talks About The ‘Challenge’ of Winning

During that same interview, Embiid talked about how challenging it is to accomplish his goals.

“I like the challenge. (It) can be frustrating at times because over and over and over, (the) same things might happen. There’s never any opportunity. All my years in the league, I feel like every single year, it’s always been different teams. It has always been change. But I do like the challenge. It doesn’t matter who’s on my team. I just want to go out and try to do the best job possible to put us in a position to win.”

Embiid has been through quite a bit since being drafted by the Sixers. He sat out his first two years because of injuries, then became a staple of the upstart Sixers team led by himself and Ben Simmons. Now he’s on a team that is vying for the title but is currently dealing with some question marks. Most namely with what they do with James Harden.

Zach Lowe Thinks Knicks Are Keeping Tabs on Joel Embiid

On the July 13 episode of “The Lowe Post,” ESPN’s Zach Lowe believes that the New York Knicks aren’t making any big moves because they are watching Embiid’s situation with the Sixers.

“One of the reasons I’m not ready to throw my chips in for (Karl-Anthony) Towns is the big dude who just won MVP in Philadelphia in a month, in two months, in six months might be looking around and saying, ‘Wait, what? What do we get for James Harden?’ Like he’s gone? Ben Simmons is gone. Markelle Fultz never was really here. What happened? Like, all the stuff? I mean, if you read everything that’s happened around Joel Embiid, it’s like absolutely incredible, but is it fair to say that the Knicks at least have a close eye on that situation?”

Begley agreed, saying that the Knicks will be ready if and when Embiid asks out.

“Absolutely,” Begley said. “I’m sure they’re not the only team that’s keeping an eye on that situation. You have the organic ties, obviously, Leon Rose, former CAA agent. Joel Embiid’s agent, and so there’s that organic relationship. You know, Embiid gets upset, unhappy, softly demands a trade or anything above that. I’m sure the Knicks will be right there.”