Proposed ‘Feels Wrong’ Trade Sends Sixers $120 Million Scorer for James Harden

James Harden

Getty James Harden

The James Harden saga continues to drag on for the Philadelphia 76ers. With Harden on an expiring contract, the Sixers’ options are limited, but there could be a light at the end of the tunnel for them. That is if one of their competitors has become truly desperate.

Bleacher Report’s Tyler Conway proposed a trade between the Sixers and Miami Heat that would solve the Harden dilemma but also, in Conway’s own words, “would feel just wrong.” Conway proposed the following trade.

Heat receive: James Harden

Sixers receive: Tyler Herro, Caleb Martin, future first-round pick swap

While Conway explained why Harden may not be the best fit for Miami because of “Heat culture,” he also explained why this package may not be the best one for the Sixers.

“Philly’s interest in this potential package is probably debatable. While Martin would be an easy fit, Herro’s defensive limitations could make him tricky to slot alongside Tyrese Maxey. And a future pick swap hardly moves the needle for a contender that needs to prove it can win big to Joel Embiid sooner than later.

“From a purely value standpoint, though, this offer feels about right with Harden on an expiring deal. If only the rest of the trade didn’t feel so off,” Conway wrote.

Even if the package isn’t exactly what the Sixers would want to stay at the top, they’re at the point now where they may take whatever they can get.

James Harden Wants Sixers to Get Uncomfortable: Report

On October 3, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Harden is expected to attend training camp.

“ESPN Sources: Philadelphia 76ers star James Harden didn’t practice at Colorado State University on Tuesday, but he’s expected to arrive in Colorado as soon as today to join training camp,” Wojnarowski reported via his X account.

Wojnarowski added that Harden plans to make the Sixers so uncomfortable that they’ll be forced to trade him.

“James Harden wants a trade. He wants to make the 76ers uncomfortable. So uncomfortable, ultimately, that they don’t think that they’re going to get the best out of him and that they’ll make a trade. The Sixers, on the other hand, they want to wait this out and hope they get the best James Harden. The best version of him sooner than later. But the Sixers’ stance has been all along ‘There’s not a deal out there right now that gets us back the kind of assets we need to improve this team.’ Maybe it’s not a great percentage, but it’s still a percentage play to wait out James Harden and get him invested at some point this season.”

A lot of drama is coming for the Sixers. The question will be how far are both sides willing to go?

James Harden Still Wants Trade to Clippers: Report

On October 2, Wojnarowski reported that Harden is upset with the Sixers because they have not traded him to his preferred team, the Los Angeles Clippers.

“ESPN Sources: In what’s expected to be a continued attempt to push for a trade, Philadelphia 76ers star James Harden isn’t in attendance for the team’s media day today. Harden remains upset that the organization hasn’t moved him to the Clippers,” Wojnarowski reported via his X account.

Harden may very well have his wishes granted, but only after he’s done making everyone miserable in the process.