Bradley Beal Breaks Silence, Sends Message in Aftermath of Suns Trade

Bradley Beal of the Wizards is likely to be traded .. but maybe not soon.

Getty Bradley Beal of the Wizards is likely to be traded .. but maybe not soon.

For those who may be tardy to the party, the Washington Wizards pulled off a blockbuster deal to send Bradley Beal to the Phoenix Suns in exchange for Chris Paul and Landry Shamet.

Beal, one of the top-scoring guards in the NBA, averaged 23.2 points, 3.9 rebounds, and 5.4 assists per game last season. Now the former Wizards guard will join an already star-studded crew that features Devin Booker, Kevin Durant, and former number-one overall pick Deandre Ayton.

Following his trade to the Suns, Beal said he believes the Suns have a chance to be “special” this season.

“To everyone in Phoenix: I’m excited to play for you all, and to be part of the Suns organization,” Beal penned in a letter via the Player’s Tribune.

“One thing I am realizing about this team is that the days of my sons wearing BEAL #3 jerseys are probably over. I am pretty sure they’re going to be asking for #1 or #35. But I’ll take that L — this group has a chance to be special.”

Bradley Beal Sends Message to Wizards

Beal was drafted by the Wizards with the third overall pick in the 2012 NBA draft. And once he got to the nation’s capital, it was up from there. Beal and John Wall became one of the top duos in the NBA, and Beal would individually become one of the top shooting guards in the league. He was named an All-Star for the Eastern Conference three times during his tenure.

The Wizards are the only franchise Beal has played for up to this point. Naturally, the fans have not only watched him blossom as a player but also have watched Beal go from being a 19-year-old kid into a man. The All-Star guard describes leaving the Wizards as “bittersweet” in his letter.

“To everyone in DC: It’s bittersweet. I do not like how ‘goodbye’ sounds, so let’s just say ‘See you later.’ (We still got 160 to get!! You never know.) Peace, Blessings, and Prosperity to the city and fans. I hope you will always consider me one of your own,” Beal added.

“It’s crazy how on draft night, I was embracing my parents and brothers, as this 19-year-old kid about to move to DC … and now I’m leaving with my own family at almost 30. I really have so much appreciation for the life we were able to build here. And I have so much appreciation for how everyone has treated us on the way out. I took a lot of pride in being a franchise player and in my relationship with the community. But I also know this is a business. And from a business standpoint, it was the right time for both sides.”

Bradley Beal Entering Unchartered Territory

Beal is now entering unchartered territory for the first time in his career. Despite Wall and Beal being one the most talented duos in the league, they never really had high expectations placed upon them. All that will change once Beal enters training camp for the Phoenix Suns in the fall.

Not only will Beal be on a team that expects to make a deep playoff run, but the Suns, with the surplus of talent they have on their roster, are widely considered by many people to be the title favorites heading into next season.

But this time around Beal will not have to be the first option on his squad, playing with teammates such as Booker and Durant. But even with that being true, the pressure to deliver a championship remains the same. 2023 is a title or bust year for Beal and the Suns.