Suns in Hot Water Over Free Agency Acquisition

Frank Vogel

Getty Head coach Frank Vogel formerly of the Los Angeles Lakers

The Phoenix Suns kicked off their 2022 season with a bang, defeating the Golden State Warriors on the road 108-104. But one day removed from the start of the season, the focus on the Suns is not surrounding their win on opening night, but rather the validity of one of the several offseason acquisitions they pulled off this summer.

Per NBA insider Marc Stein, formerly of the New York Times and ESPN, the league has launched an investigation on the Suns regarding the signing of free agent big man Drew Eubanks.

“The NBA has been investigating the Suns for potential impermissible early contact in free agency with Drew Eubanks,” Stein tweeted on October 25. “A ruling is expected soon. Teams are typically docked a second-round pick if found in violation.”

Tampering is something that the NBA doesn’t take lightly. In 2020, the NBA fined Warriors star Draymond Green in for saying that Devin Booker needed to “get out of Phoenix.”

Although some may think that the league overdoes its discipline for tampering, it is one of the necessary evils. It can affect so many different parts of the game. From something as direct as the fairness of competition among rival teams to something like gambling.

Steve Kerr Praises Klay Thompson After Loss to Suns

Kevin Durant faced off against his former team, the Warriors, for the first time as a member of the Phoenix Suns. By Durant’s standards, he had a pretty moderate outing, notching 18 points, 10 rebounds, and 3 assists. Last season, he averaged 26.0 points, 6.4 rebounds, and 3.5 assists per game in eight games with the Suns.

Durant has earned a reputation as a scoring machine, but Warriors head coach Steve Kerr believes that starting shooting guard Klay Thompson had a lot to do with his shooting struggles on opening night.

“I thought Klay was great. I mean, he just did his best to make things difficult on Kevin. There’s not a whole lot you can do once he rises up and gets that release way above his head. Not a whole lot you can challenge. So, you just have to try to do your work early. I thought Klay did that,” Kerr said to reporters after the Warriors win over the Suns.

“He was physical with him off the ball. He tried to force him into some tougher spots. Kevin missed some that he’ll make next time. Klay was really solid defensively.”

Kevin Durant, Lebron Finally Set to Face Off Again

Durant and Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James have not shared the court since Christmas 2018. Yet LeBron and KD are still one of the most hyped rivalries in sports today. The two future Hall of Famers have met in the NBA Finals three times, with Durant besting his rival twice.

But despite KD having the edge in head-to-head playoff matchups, NBA Hall of Famer Allen Iverson says he still gives LeBron the upper hand over Durant.

“I gotta pick LeBron,” Iverson said to Home Team Hoops. “Man, LeBron mad as hell, bro. KD is a certified killer. It’s a tough decision. It’s difficult. But see, Durant and LeBron—there’s a difference. LeBron is a killer in his own way; he can do it all.”

On October 26, Durant and LeBron will face off in the regular season for the first time in over five years. Durant and the Suns (+105) are the favorites to beat LeBron and the Lakers (-105).

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