Cam Newton Vs. Jarrett Stidham Vs. Brian Hoyer: A Leader is Emerging

Getty Cam Newton

The New England Patriots have been true to their word. There is an open competition to be the team’s starting quarterback and based on the events of this week–which include the first padded practices–a leader is emerging in the three-player race, and his name is Cameron Jerrell Newton.

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Jarrett Stidham Imploding With Turnovers

The interceptions in training camp from Jarrett Stidham simply haven’t stopped. Stidham only threw six passes on Thursday, and he completed just two of them, with two more picks. That brings his total this week to seven. Yes, it’s training camp, but that’s a lot of interceptions in any environment.

Brian Hoyer Gives Ground

Let’s face it, Brian Hoyer was a darkhorse to begin training camp. On Thursday, he had his worst day throwing the ball. He also seemed to intimate that it is tough for him to carry dual roles (one as a mentor, and the other as a guy competing for a job). That’s understandable. However, he looked unspectacular on Thursday with a pick of his own.

Cam Newton Wins the Day

The 2015 NFL MVP wasn’t necessarily spectacular on Thursday, but he was solid and dependable, which is far more than can be said for Stidham, and to a lesser degree Hoyer. Newton got an opportunity to show his mobility, which is something he hasn’t been able to display in practice.

When you consider we haven’t seen the extent of what he brings on that front, and he’s beginning to prove himself to be more dependable throwing the ball than Stidham, it’s clear who is now in the lead in the QB competition.

Newton is still getting acclimated to the offense, but seemingly getting stronger every day. If things continue to progress in this way, he will win the job.

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