Bill Belichick Biopic: Who Should Play the Lead Role?

Getty Bill Belichick

At some point, there will be a movie about the New England Patriots‘ dynasty or Bill Belichick‘s life. It has to happen, right? When it does, who should play the role of the future Hall-of-Fame head coach?

That’s the question I asked myself and three other Heavy NFL beat writers. We got some interesting answers, but at the end of the day, there are only two sensible options. Take a look at our conversation on a segment from the latest episode of Heavy Presents…I’m Just Saying with Brian Mazique. 

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The Robert DeNiro and Kevin Spacey suggestions have to be winners in this one. Jack Nicholson and Harrison Ford are both phenomenal actors, but it is hard to see either of them playing Belichick .

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How About Robert DeNiro as Bill Belichick?

Helen Kantilaftis of The New York Film Academy ranked DeNiro’s top performances over his illustrious career. He’s no stranger to playing real-life sports figures in movies. DeNiro won an Academy Award for his depiction of boxing legend Jake LaMotta in the film Raging Bull.

Kantilaftis wrote this breakdown of DeNiro’s portrayal of LaMotta: “De Niro dramatically gained weight to put on the muscle (and post-career flab) of real-life boxer Jake LaMotta in biopic Raging Bull. A physical product of his devotion to acting and inhabiting his roles, in some ways it changed his look permanently—De Niro never quite had the lean look that defined his more deranged 70s characters again. However, it only added to his performance of Jake LaMotta as a brute of raw power with heart and unyielding passion, a charismatic beast who was most dangerous when he was vulnerable.”

It would be fascinating to see how DeNiro would embody Belichick.

How About Kevin Spacey as Bill Belichick?

I chose Spacey because he’s an excellent actor capable of portraying a wide array of characters. Also, he’s a bit younger, and if we wanted to show the younger Belichick who worked as an assistant on the New York Giants and Cleveland Browns’ staff, we might need a person who isn’t in his 70s.

It’s easier to age an actor with makeup than it is to make them look younger. After the show, another option popped into my head who might be excellent for the role–at least from a visual standpoint. 

It’s Jonah Hill. From a stature standpoint, Hill and Belichick seem similar enough. Also, Hill is only 37 years old which means he could easily play a younger Belichick. Hill could be aged up with makeup and he might have to revert to his less-than trim physique to play what seems like the role of a lifetime.

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