Cam Newton Credited With Starting League-Wide Trend

Getty Cam Newton

The New England PatriotsCam Newton is a trendsetter.

Whether it’s about fashion (that not everyone loves) style of play (which the Houston Texans’ Deshaun Watson, Arizona Cardinals’ Kyler Murray, and Baltimore Ravens’ Lamar Jackson have admitted they emulated) or even celebrations, it’s undeniable. Recently, a Charlotte reporter brought another of Newton’s influences to our attention.

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Cam Says, ‘You’re Welcome’

We’ve all seen them.

The group endzone celebrations that have put the fun back in scoring for many NFL fans have become commonplace every weekend. Well, according to Panthers beat writer Sheena Marie, the whole team-photo concept after a positive play was started by Newton, and it matriculated through his 2015 Carolina Panthers team and the rest of the NFL.

The best part of these celebrations is that they involve the entire team. While one player scores and perhaps one other threw the ball to the man who crossed the goal line, the entire team is invited to take part in the fun.

It’s a good vibe, feel-good moment, and that’s something we could all use a little more of these days.

Toned-Down Celebrations

In case you haven’t noticed, Newton has toned down his celebrations a bit since returning from COVID-19. He did posture as if he was using hand sanitizer after a score against the New York Jets a few weeks ago, but on a whole, he’s been a little more understated after those huge moments.

I believe there are a few reasons for this restraint–if you will. Newton is no idiot. He seems to read and absorb information on a pretty steady basis. He also possesses excellent inter-personal intelligence, which explains why he’s been an effective leader everywhere he’s gone. That latter skill has allowed him to pick up on the right approach for his current teammates, coaches, and fanbase.

Newton and the Patriots have been in a ton of close games and right now their record isn’t favorable at 4-6. He’s likely sensed that now is not the time for the most elaborate celebration. I’m not suggesting he’s going to parachute from atop Gillette Stadium if the Patriots win out for the rest of the regular season and make the playoffs, but you might just see a little more fun out of him if and when the team starts to be a little more consistent.

Patriots Remaining Schedule

  • Week 12 vs. Arizona Cardinals – Sunday, November 29
  • Week 13 at Los Angeles Chargers – Sunday, December 6
  • Week 14 at Los Angeles Rams – Thursday, December 10
  • Week 15 at Miami Dolphins – Sunday, December 20
  • Week 16 vs. Buffalo Bills – Monday, December 28
  • Week 17 vs. New York Jets – Sunday, January 3

As has been the case for the past three weeks, Sunday’s game against the Cardinals feels like one of those games the Patriots must have to continue realistic playoff hopes. They took a loss last week, and they have to rebound.

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