Boston Sports Legend Has Harsh Words for Cam Newton and Colleague

Getty Cam Newton

Just because you work with someone doesn’t mean you always have to agree.

That’s clearly the case as WEEIs Dale Arnold shared the “bone he has to pick” with colleague Jermaine Wiggins because of the latter’s loyal support of New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton.

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Dale Arnold Has a Bone to Pick with Jermaine Wiggins

Never one to bite his tongue, the outspoken Arnold called Wiggins out for his support of Newton. He went as far as to say the 2015 NFL MVP “sucked,” though he retreated a bit on that harsh term, but maintained a consistent flow of disrespect the entire time.

Maybe the most insulting thing Arnold shared–at least if we’re talking about intentions–is when he said Newton was basically “a notch above Tim Tebow.”

Take a look at the segment in the post below.

Like many, Arnold may be going a little too hard on Newton. Has the Patriots’ quarterback put up some less-than-impressive passing numbers in multiple games this season? Yes, but evaluating his impact is not as simple as mentioning passing yards and touchdown passes which is what Arnold leaned on heavily in the segment.

Newton’s overall impact on the team has been positive. His leadership has been phenomenal, and let’s no forget he has been a consistent red-zone threat while also registering two 350-plus-yard passing performances. It’s funny how Newton’s most aggressive detractors give all the blame when things go bad, but are far less scripted and animated when he’s having success.

Unfortunately, Arnold and most of his colleagues at WEEI fall into that category. Wiggins is perhaps the only stark exception, and Arnold has a bone to pick with him.

Newton on WEEI

Most of the personalities on WEEI come off as anti-Newton. Some are a bit more neutral, but if there is only one undying supporter of the former NFL MVP, it’s Wiggy. Newton appears as a weekly guest on the Greg Hill Show, and quite honestly, it’s arguably the best regular interview segment in sports. This is almost entirely due to Newton’s open, honest and forthright nature.

Despite his accessibility to WEEI, Newton is still subject to criticism. He seems to be aware of it as he alluded to some members of the GHS not having opinions similar to Arnold’s take. At the end of the day, Newton still has to go out and try to win the final three games of the season.

The playoffs look like even more of a longshot for the Patriots after the Baltimore Ravens’ thrilling 47-42 victory over the Cleveland Browns on Monday night. In any case, Newton and the Patriots have to control what they can and do their part to keep their postseason streak intact.

If they are mathematically eliminated, that might be when Arnold and other Newton detractors get their way, and Jarrett Stidham takes over.

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