Patriots Captain Facing ‘One of the Most Difficult Decisions’ of his Life

New England Patriots

Getty New England Patriots veteran Matthew Slater.


he New England Patriots are already preparing for the 2023 season but they still don’t know if one of their captains will be returning.

Matthew Slater is still debating if he will return to the field or retire. The Patriots veteran discussed the decision he is facing when making an appearance on “Tim Hatch Live.”

“It’s something that we’re still very much praying through,” Slater said. “I have to be honest, it’s one of the most difficult decisions of my life. You know you have a passion and a love for something, but things change in life. Things change, and it’s not just about what I want now. I have to consider what Shahrzad (Slater’s wife) wants, I have to consider what’s best for our children.

“So, we’re praying through it,” Slater added. “I’m not closing the door, I’m not saying, ‘Yay’ or ‘Nay.’ I’m going to take my time and hopefully hear from the Lord on it.”

Matthew Slater Will Always Consider Himself a Member of the New England Patriots

Slater mentioned that no matter his decision, he will always consider himself a Patriot. He even said that he would be open to coaching for New England.

“I will always consider myself a New England Patriot,” he said. “So, if I can serve in the role of a coach, administrator on the staff, that’s something that I would welcome with open arms. We’ll see. There’s always change in football, so we’ll see what plays out.

“But I think the Lord has given me so much and taught me so much, it’d be a shame just to end with me,” Slater added. “I’d love to continue to pass those things along to the next generation.”

The Patriots captain has played 15 seasons with the team and has been named to 10 Pro Bowls and earned two All-Pro nods. Slater also has three Super Bowl rings.

New England Patriots Legend Malcolm Butler Gives New Detail About Legendary Play

While out in Arizona for the Super Bowl, Butler talked to The Athletic’s Jeff Howe about his heroic interception against the Seattle Seahawks to clinch a Super Bowl victory in Super Bowl XLIX.

“(Wilson) was looking at me (before the snap),” Butler told Howe. “I had my head straight, but I could cut my eyes out of my helmet to see him, so I knew it was something. He just kept looking over there (at me).

“I knew the play was coming,” Butler added. “I knew I was going to make that play. I always tell myself: If they ran that ball, hey, I’m a cornerback. I don’t know who’s throwing a toss to my side on the 1-yard line. You’re either running the ball in the A- or B-gap or somewhere up there. Once I saw the formation and I saw Russell eyeballing me, I said, ‘Oh, yeah, this is it.’ I saw the wide receiver take that jab step, and I just took it with him. I took off and made the play.”

The interception etched Butler into Patriots history. Even though he has failed to reach the highs of that moment, Butler will forever be remembered by fans in New England.

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