Giants ‘Very Much in Play’ for a QB in the Draft

Jayden Daniels, Minnesota Vikings

Getty Quarterback Jayden Daniels #5 of the LSU Tigers.

NFL Network draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah released his second mock draft of the season and surprisingly had LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels as the selection for the Giants with the sixth overall pick. Jeremiah took it a step further and added the Giants are “very much in play” to trade up to secure the player they want.

The thought of the Giants drafting a quarterback after the team gave Daniel Jones a four-year, $160 million contract may have been unthinkable last offseason. Fast forward almost a year later and that question is now being floated as a possibility.

That caught many people by surprise as adding weapons for Jones may have been widely viewed as the most likely option headed into the draft.

Move up or Stand Pat to Draft a Signal-Caller?

Moving up from six poses a few problems and the team may be at the mercy of how the draft takes shape. With so much trade chatter surrounding Chicago and quarterback Justin Fields, it is looking more likely that the Bears draft USC quarterback Caleb Williams first overall.

Washington holds the second pick and with quarterback questions of their own, the likelihood of the Commanders trading back, with a division rival at that, feels unlikely.

That brings us to the third overall pick currently held by the Patriots. Like the two teams ahead of them, New England has a decision to make about their quarterback situation as well.

The draft trade chart has been used as a guideline when making trades with picks. The system attaches points to certain draft positions to place a value on trade compensation yet returns may never be exact. A proposed trade would certainly be costly for Big Blue according to Jeremiah.

“So it really would cost you three 2s, two this year and one next year. It’s a steep price to pay. A little bit of a premium there. You could get up to three with the ammunition that they have and get that done.”

The third overall pick is estimated to be worth 2443 points. In this scenario, the Giants would be giving up the sixth pick (2092 points) along with pick 37 (1143 points) and pick 49 (1049) for a grand total of 4,284 points.

This does not include next years second round pick whose points won’t be determined until the draft selections are finalized following the conclusion of the 2024 NFL season.

“A little bit of a premium” may be an understatement.

The Giants With Drake Maye

Compensation aside, landing UNC quarterback Drake Maye would give New York a prototypical quarterback to go along with five years of control at a below market salary. Like Jones, Maye is undervalued as a runner but has the ability to be considered a threat in the run game.

While his 2022 season was much better than in 2023, being paired with Giants head coach Brian Daboll and offensive coordinator Mike Kafka could bring out the best in Maye. Under former UNC offensive coordinator Phil Longo and his Air raid system, Maye had a career year.

Under the Giants scheme, a similar philosophy would probably be the approach. With a helping of Air Raid and a sprinkle of West Cost, Daboll would cater his scheme to benefit Maye.

The Giants With Jayden Daniels

LSU quarterback and reigning Heisman trophy winner Jayden Daniels would add the element of explosion to the Giants offense probably never seen before in East Rutherford. While Jones has been underrated as a runner, Daniels is closer to Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson on the ground.

Don’t let his ability to carry the rock fool you. In addition to Daniels 1,134 rushing yards and 10 scores this past season, he also threw for 3,812 yards with 40 touchdowns and only 4 interceptions.

The dual threat quarterback may not be for everyone but the stress he could place on a defense would change the look of the Giants entirely.

Which Direction Should the Giants Travel?

On one hand, that is a steep price to pay for a team with many holes on the roster. A transition to a 3-4 defense makes this a tough sell as well.

On the other hand, how long before the team is in a position to draft a potential franchise quarterback if the team has indeed soured on the current incumbent?

A trade may depend on how the draft unfolds. If the first two picks go as planned and New England doesn’t think Daniels would be a fit, perhaps the Giants can take advantage of a running clock and lessen the blow it would take to land their quarterback.

If not, allowing the draft to unfold naturally and selecting the best player available may be the most prudent of option for New York.