Jets’ Aaron Rodgers Provides New Update on Recovery [LOOK]

Aaron Rodgers, Jets

Getty New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers reacting ahead of an NFL game.

Aaron Rodgers’ rehab from a torn Achilles appears to be going swimmingly.

The future Pro Football Hall of Fame New York Jets quarterback shared seven photos to his official Instagram account on Saturday October 7 updating everyone on his progress.

He included the caption, “Three weeks into the rise to recovery” along with the hashtag healing.


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Details on What Rodgers Revealed With Social Media Photo Dump

The series of photos have Rodgers doing a few workouts, hanging out with some of his teammates, and going through some rehab.

Although specifically one photo is creating some buzz on social media.

ESPN Injury Analyst Stephania Bell quote-tweeted one of the photos on X previously Twitter, “BFR (Blood Flow Restriction) training at work.”

Rich Cimini of ESPN responded to that post with some additional information. He pointed out that Rodgers is using a “Delfi tourniquet” on his upper left leg in the photo shown. That device restricts the flow of blood during strength training.

Cimini explained that this technique “facilitates muscle gains and limits atrophy.”

Rodgers’ Plans to Return to Jets in 2023 Are Doable: Insider

Rodgers told Melissa Stark of NBC ahead of Sunday Night Football that he plans to return to the Jets in 2023. He tore his Achilles on Monday September 11 during the season opening victory versus the Buffalo Bills.

The injury was originally expected to sideline the 39-year-old for the season, but there is new hope that he can make a miraculous comeback in the same season that he suffered the injury.

I did a full-length interview with ESPN Injury Analyst Stephania Bell on “The Boy Green Show” this week to see if that was realistic or even possible.

“You can’t rush biology and there is biological healing that has to happen. Remember I said earlier if you overstretch that tendon, you will ruin it for life. The extreme risk is if you do too much too soon you disrupt the repair completely, you re-rupture, that has happened to some people.”

Bell explained that the key to this recovery is making sure the tendon is “solid and comfortable” before you push the aggressive return to sports activity.

“It typically takes in the three-to-four-month window for the tendon to heal. For some people that takes longer, some people heal on the early side of that, but that’s what they will be looking at. To get that green light to go aggressive into the sports activities requires the biology of the healing process.”

“Far be it from me to count Aaron Rodgers out of anything, we’ve seen what the great athletes can do, the great athletes shatter these myths/barriers of time on what can & can’t be done,” Bell said.

I then asked if she’s saying there’s a chance. She replied, “I’m saying there’s a chance.”

There are a lot of variables up in the air. If Rodgers can return it won’t be until the end of the 2023 season and for him to consider a return the team would have to be in contention.

In addition to that the Jets have to be very careful because Rodgers is 39 years of age, and he is set to turn 40 in December. Bell said if the Jets rush him back, there’s a chance he could permanently injure his Achilles and if that were to happen there is no returning from that.