Aaron Rodgers Hints at Specific Jets Return Date in 2023

Aaron Rodgers, Jets

Getty New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers throwing a pass ahead of an NFL game.

New York Jets fans might now have a date to circle for Aaron Rodgers’ return to the football field this season.

Or at least that’s what a bunch of people speculated on social media.

Rodgers made a cryptic post on his Instagram with the caption, “A little more time…”

Rodgers included a photo of a watch from one of his partnerships, “Zenith Watches”, and fans speculated that he was trying to secretly announce when to expect him back on the field.

One user on X previously Twitter said, “The time on the watch is 10:08 9/11 + 108 days is 12/28 and the date is the 28th.”

Interestingly enough the Jets play on December 28 in Week 17 against the Cleveland Browns on the road for Thursday Night Football.

Although another user thought fans were reaching and the time on the clock was just a completely random coincidence because it was a watch commercial.

Top Social Media Reactions to Rodgers Cryptic Post

One fan argued this was done this way on purpose, “It’s called an advertisement and was worded like that so this would happen. Pretty much free advertising cause everyone’s so desperate for a story.”

Well, if that’s true, nice work “Zenith Watches.”

Although another fan interpreted the clock differently saying, “Conspiracy theory time: Rodgers plans on returning December 10th (clock hands) against the Texans….”

The Jets will host Houstin in Week 14 on Sunday, December 10. That would be an even more aggressive return [three games earlier] than the Browns projection.

One user appeared to look up the watch on the internet and said the Rodgers’ post was a “stock photo” and had no additional special meaning.

Breece Hall Believes a Rodgers-Jets Return Is Happening This Season

Jets running back Breece Hall joined Rich Eisen on “The Rich Eisen Show” this week and was asked, do you think he’s [Rodgers] coming back?

“Yeah, I don’t think there is any doubt. Obviously, we’d love to have him back but at the end of the day that’s kind of up to him and his rehab process. We hope for the best that we’ll get him back but he still has to go through it just like I did [rehab]. Me and him have talked about rehab and how everything has been going and stuff like that to. Obviously, I’m excited to have him back but at the end of the day it’s all on him.”

Eisen clarified that he wasn’t trying to bait Hall into an answer to trap him into thinking Wilson isn’t good enough. He just wanted to know in his heart of hearts if he thinks Rodgers will suit back up this season.

“I think he’s too competitive not too. It’s going to be good to, like I said, get him back but I’m excited to see how Zach [Wilson] grows as well. Those two together, they’re pushing each other, they have a good time together, and it’s been cool to see how those two can compare to each other. They pick each other’s brains. Aaron can challenge Zach and Zach can challenge Aaron a little bit. I’m excited for both of them.”