Jets’ Aaron Rodgers Sends Message to Zach Wilson Ahead of Cowboys Game

Aaron Rodgers, Jets

Getty New York Jets quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers and Zach Wilson warming up ahead of an NFL game.

Aaron Rodgers believes in Zach Wilson, but he delivered a message to the rest of the league about the former No. 2 overall pick.

“Yeah, I’m very confident in Zach and I think he’s confident in himself which is the most important thing,” Rodgers said on “The Pat McAfee Show” on Friday September 15. “This was an important offseason for him, you know very important to get his confidence back. To be able to work on some of the little fundamentals things that I think you’ve seen show up in the preseason and obviously the other night on Monday.”

Wilson was 14-of-21 throwing for 140 passing yards with a touchdown and an interception. Although the most important thing was the Jets’ ability to get a 22-16 win in less-than-ideal circumstances against a division rival in the Buffalo Bills.

Rodgers Explains the Altered Plan for Wilson on the Jets in 2023

“I mean truly I was hoping he [Wilson] could have a couple of years to sit back and not have pressure on him and relax, but that is how this life goes sometimes, throws you some curveballs,” Rodgers explained on the show.

“Neither of us thought that was going to happen obviously on Monday, but we hugged each other before the game and said I love you. He said I can’t wait to watch you play out there and I was the one watching him play after the fourth play, but I’m excited for him, he’s a great kid. I love him and I’m pulling for him. I’ll be talking to him and I’m really looking forward to getting back there you know once I can travel just to be around the guys.”

As Mike Tyson once said, ““Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

So instead of being cryogenically frozen for the next handful of years, Wilson will be thrust into the spotlight for his first start of the 2023 season against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 2.

Rodgers said it’ll be a big “challenge” considering their star power, impressive defense, and the hostile environment that is expected at AT&T Stadium for the Cowboys’ home opener.

A-Rod confirmed that he had surgery on Wednesday September 13 to repair his torn Achilles. Due to the timing of that, he won’t be able to attend the Cowboys’ game in person, but he’ll be watching from home.

One of the big things the Jets are hoping for is Rodgers’ turning in his playing hat for his coaching one for the rest of 2023. Rodgers confirmed that’ll be the plan on “The Pat McAfee Show” once he is healed up and cleared to travel.

A-Rod was blunt saying he isn’t expecting to be on a sideline anytime soon for safety reasons, but he said that he’ll be up in the booth in the near future to be close to the team.

It’ll be important for Wilson at the ripe age of 24 to have an older influence that has been there done that around to support and guide him.

Rodgers Makes Some Inspired Comments About His Jets Future

When Rodgers made his first public comments since the injury, he hinted at potentially making a football comeback in 2024 at the age of 40.

However, he went beyond the hinting stage during his appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show.”

Rodgers delivered some powerful words and dared people to give him their doubts and “watch what I do.”

He even went as far to say that a return to the Jets in the postseason is possible later this year. However, that seems like an incredible long shot to actually happen.

Rodgers more so seemed to put that out into the universe as a motivational thing for himself to strive for during his recovery and rehab.

While a return to the Jets this season seems unlikely, a return in 2024 seems like an absolute certainty.

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Matthew O'Leary
Matthew O'Leary
7 days ago

Love this! Let’s go Zach