$37 Million Jets Starter Facing Potential ‘Demotion’, Pay Cut

Robert Saleh, Jets

Getty New York Jets head coach Robert Saleh reacting in the middle of an NFL game.

We have reached the start of offseason training activities for the New York Jets and an array of other NFL teams.

Our pair of experts Paul ‘Boy Green’ Esden and Michael Obermuller dive through the latest rumor mill to provide you with some answers.

Quinnen Williams Skips out on Jets

1. Today is the official start of the Jets’ offseason training programs and Quinnen Williams had decided to skip these voluntary workouts. How long will this holdout last?


Yeah, I think he’ll skip the voluntary parts of the program up until minicamp. It’s not uncommon for veterans to do this anyway, and Williams has two years in Robert Saleh’s system already.

On Williams’ part, there’s no reason to take the chance of an injury. Plus, his absence sends the message his agent wants it to send.

Williams will get paid, it’s just not priority No. 1 ahead of the draft.

Boy Green:

I mean these are voluntary it’s kind of weird that we categorize it as “holding out” but nonetheless. He is going to hold out until the mandatory minicamp in June when he’s forced to report so he doesn’t get fined.

However I don’t think it’ll get to that point, the Jets will give him the bag because they have to. Quinnen is an exceptional player. Gang Green historically hasn’t paid their own guys. They need to send a message and they will this offseason in due time.

2. Who is a Jets starter from 2022 that could face a demotion in 2023?


Corey Davis is in line for a demotion, if he’s even on the roster a month from now.

Even if the Jets keep the veteran wide receiver, he’ll be competing with Garrett Wilson, Allen Lazard, and Mecole Hardman for snaps. A rookie could still enter the fold too.

That means Davis should see a reduced role and perhaps, a pay cut.

Boy Green:

Yeah, Corey Davis is the perfect answer to this question. At a minimum, he’s getting demoted based on Wilson’s meteoric rise and the addition of other weapons.

Also, the flirtations with Odell Beckham Jr weren’t by accident, the Jets feel like they need an improvement in that room.

Davis is falling down the pecking order and that’s a guarantee.

3. Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets. Is there any prediction you’d like to share on the subject?


I don’t even want to tempt fate and make some sort of prediction on a trade, even though I do still anticipate it will happen.

Having said that, I’ll predict that if the Jets land Rodgers, they will make the playoffs and win at least one postseason outing. That would at least end one embarrassing streak.

I’ll also predict that the Jets draft another quarterback in 2023, most likely in a later round.

Boy Green:

Get your popcorn ready baby because things are going to get spicy during the 2023 NFL draft. I fully expect this deal to get done in the early part of Friday, April 28 ahead of the official start of day two of that draft.

The Packers can’t afford to wait until after the draft. Call their bluff Jets. If they actually withhold and don’t pull the trigger, then the Jets get to make two picks on the second day of the draft to help make the roster even stronger.

Jets Warnings and Quarterback Chatter in 2023

4. If you could warn the New York Jets about a potential draft or free agency target and why they shouldn’t add them, who would it be and why?


I’m going to warn the Jets against drafting a quarterback first round, whether that’s a falling prospect like Will Levis or a rising one like Hendon Hooker. I understand the theory behind it, but I’d prefer the Jets give Zach Wilson one last chance to learn under a new coaching staff (Nathaniel Hackett/Todd Downing) and mentor (Rodgers).

The Jets need to prioritize the trenches and draft a dominant OT or DT at No. 13 overall. That should set them up well for the next 4-5 years.

After all, you can always find another veteran QB if Rodgers retires and Wilson fails to develop.

Boy Green: 

Just a general take, please don’t select a tight end in the first round. There have been some weird chatter and smoke about New York exploring those waters.

Is it just nonsense? Is there something to it?

I have no freaking clue but all of the noise is scaring me a bit. Jets don’t do it! Go in a different direction like trench play or a dynamic wide receiver.

5. Should the New York Jets add another quarterback to the room if they land Aaron Rodgers? If so feel free to offer a potential body that would make sense and explain your reasoning.


I’ve already covered this in some of my answers above, but I’d draft a low-round developmental prospect to compete with Wilson. I’m talking fifth round or lower.

If no one piques your interest, skip it, but the Jets have already looked at Aidan O’Connell and there are a few prospects that could make sense toward the bottom of the order.

It may not be considered an elite QB class at the top, but it is somewhat deep. College stars like Max Duggan and Stetson Bennett could even be lurking in lower rounds.

Boy Green:

The quarterback room as I see it will be Aaron Rodgers and Zach Wilson on the active roster. Then Tim Boyle will be cryogenically frozen as an emergency option on the practice squad.

Is there a chance Gang Green could throw a dart on a developmental guy? Sure but then where does that guy fit on the roster? Any NFL team that has three quarterbacks on the active roster is at a deficit because that means you have to compensate by taking away from a different positional group.

If the Jets invested a day three pick on a quarterback they couldn’t hide that quarterback on the practice squad or else they’d be stolen.

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