Dalvin Cook Responds to Jets QB Aaron Rodgers’ Message

Dalvin Cook, Vikings

Getty Former Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvin Cook reacting on the sideline of an NFL game.

You’d rather play with him than against him.

That was the sentiment from New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers when he was asked about free agent running back Dalvin Cook who visited the team on Sunday, July 30.

“I’ve seen him firsthand a lot of times,” Rodgers said. “We had a game against him early in the season. I think we tied and he changed the course of that game. We [Green Bay Packers] were kind of beating them up pretty good and the first play of the second half he went 75 [yards] untouched for a touchdown.

“He has the ability to always impact the game, tough guy, but also elusive, good one-cut guy, speed, power, good out of the backfield. I love the guys that we got, think there’s a lot of talent there and a lot of opportunity. But anytime you can add a veteran player, you’d be excited for that for sure.”

Cook quote-tweeted that video clip with a green heart emoji seemingly in approval.

Jeremy Fowler Provides Some Exclusive Insight

I spoke with ESPN NFL Insider Jeremy Fowler on “The Boy Green Show” on Tuesday, August 1.

During our conversation, Fowler revealed the latest he has been hearing on the Cook-Jets rumors.

“From all accounts that I’ve heard it did go well [Cook’s visit with the Jets]. He was there until you know late afternoon early evening, I think he probably left around 4:30 pm [on Sunday] from what I understand,” Fowler said. “There is certainly mutual interest. That was the case when he went there and that continues to be the case as far as I’m told.”

Fowler said there are “several teams in the mix” for Cook. Although he told me that he’d be “shocked” if Cook doesn’t end up in the AFC conference and equally surprised if it wasn’t an AFC East team.

Fowler said something that is a “factor” that some people might not know is Dalvin has a desire to play against his brother, James Cook of the Buffalo Bills, twice a year.

When attempting to explain the odd delay in Cook trying to find his next team, Fowler said NFL teams “don’t want to get into a bidding war” for a running back.

Another popular theory on social media is Cook has been using the Jets as leverage to get more money out of his hometown team, the Miami Dolphins, who are also interested in signing the talented playmaker.

Fowler shut that down saying, “I don’t think it [is] about that really” and added that Cook has a genuine desire to play with Rodgers in New York.

Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated continued to stoke the Cook to Jets flames during his appearance on “The Rich Eisen Show.”

He said that Dalvin “wants to be in New York” from what he gathers and he also equally shut down the Jets being used as a leverage play.

Breer said that he’s heard for “over a month” that Cook loves the idea of playing with Rodgers on the Jets.

Cook-Jets Signing Will Likely Mean the End of a Promising RB’s Tenure

If Cook ends up coming to New York, the Jets will have to make a corresponding roster move.

New York will likely keep three or four running backs max on the 53-man roster come September.

Breece Hall, Cook, and the team’s No. 143 overall pick in the fifth round, Israel Abanikanda are all safe.

That means one of Zonovan Knight or Michael Carter would be sent to the unemployment line.

Knight is an undrafted free agent that initially made the roster last year before getting tossed on the practice squad. MC1 was the No. 107 overall pick in the fourth round back in 2021.

Carter has more of a track record than Knight and was a draft pick. Does that factor in? Is it all about the now?

It’ll be interesting to watch if and when the Jets sign Cook to a deal.

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