DJ Reed, Garrett Wilson Address Concerned Jets Fans on Social Media

DJ Reed, Jets

Getty New York Jets cornerback DJ Reed reacting in the middle of an NFL game.

It is seemingly impossible for New York Jets fans to enjoy a good thing.

A couple of highlight plays from training camp over the last week have earned high praise, but also some concern from Gang Green fans. Wide receiver Garrett Wilson addressed it on Thursday, July 20.

“As much as I appreciate y’all looking out for my health…. I believe in practicing how you play.”

This week, veteran cornerback DJ Reed had to speak out to the fans on Twitter for the same reason.

“I practice how I play but I appreciate the concerns lol.”

The Jets Plays in Question From Camp

*Cue the “Law & Order” theme song*

The first play in question came on the very first day of Jets training camp. Aaron Rodgers tossed a quick pass over to Wilson who then went to work against the defense.

G-Dub made several hard cuts and broke some tackles in a non-padded practice setting.

However, the top takeaway wasn’t wow that was impressive, it was more so concern from fans.

One Twitter user said, “I would like for him to stop cutting so hard in practice.”

“Day 1 of Jets camp GDubs has no bones or ligaments. Guy looks like a wind sock man in the windiest place in the world,” another user said.

Another fan rushed to the comment section to say “the exact same thing” about Wilson cutting “so hard in practice.”

“Someone tell GW it’s touch football right now.”

“Heyyy @GarrettWilson_V gonna need u to not make so many cuts in practice bro lol”

“Anyone else terrified watching Garrett, wrap him in bubble wrap”

Reed Can Only Play at One Speed During Jets Practice

The second play in question came during a padded practice on Tuesday, July 25.

Rodgers uncorked a long ball to his intended wideout Corey Davis, but Reed had other plans.

He made an incredibly athletic play jumping to make the crazy pass deflection. Reed got multiple feet up into the air to make the play then came crashing back down to the turf.

One Twitter user gave him props for the “incredible” pass deflection but said, “damn bruh, my heart dropped a bit when you came down.”

JetCast screamed in all capital letters, “JUST DONT GET HURT!”

Another Twitter user said Reed was acting like it’s the “4th quarter of the [Super Bowl] in Week 1 of training camp. Practice how you play but please be careful.”

“Take it easy out there my guy,” said one fan on Twitter.

“Damn G lol we need you for the season.”

“Don’t scare us now, need 1, 4, and 30 all healthy.”

A social media user was referencing the three starting cornerbacks on the Jets roster: Sauce Gardner, the aforementioned Reed, and Michael Carter II.

On the surface the Jets fan’s concerns make sense. They have experienced incredible pain from unfortunate injuries at inopportune times.

However, it would be a disservice for these players to play at less than 100 percent in practice. You often practice how you play.

In my football playing experience, when you’re trying not to go 100 percent is usually when you get hurt the most out there.

You just have to let these players play the game of football and hope for the best. That’s all you can do.

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