Jets Fans Angrily Respond to Elijah Moore Demanding a Trade

Elijah Moore, Jets

Getty New York Jets wide receiver Elijah Moore celebrating after making a play during an NFL game.

The New York Jets officially have a problem on their hands.

According to NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport, Gang Green wideout Elijah Moore has requested a trade amid frustration with his role and usage.

Rapoport added that the Jets have “no plans at all to trade him.”

Social Media Reacts to Surprising Elijah Moore Trade Request From Jets

The Jets are 4-2, winners of three straight, and it seemed like a corner had been turned. Then this bombshell trade request shook up everything. Go figure, never a dull moment with the green and white.

NYJ Matt credited Moore on Twitter for doing and saying all the right things up until this point in his career. However, with the team winning and dominating, he called out Moore for these tactics saying it was “bulls***.”

Damien Woody, a former Jets player, and current analyst, said this isn’t the best look for Moore considering the circumstances. However, he stated the obvious saying Moore is “too talented to be this underutilized” and stated that “both parties need to figure this out.”

Connor Rogers said a couple of things can be true in the middle of this public trade demand. Moore should be used more, this isn’t the best way to handle it, and any team that would be interested in the talented wideout should have these same questions.

Jake Asman called Moore “selfish” and said he is acting like a “diva”:

The Buffalo Jet Fan said Elijah Moore is not Jamal Adams. He said at least Adams made a Pro Bowl “before completely quitting on his team.”

NYJ Mike called the situation “embarrassing” and said Moore “trying to jump ship” in the middle of all this success is “diva nonsense.”

Breaking Down the Elijah Moore Situation With the Jets

It all started hours after the Green Bay Packers upset 27-10 win. Moore quote tweeted a stat that said he received zero targets in Week 6 and he didn’t understand why.

It seemed odd, but head coach Robert Saleh and the rest of the coaching staff seemingly squashed it all by calling Moore a competitor who just wanted to contribute.

Then he was excused from practice on Thursday, October 20 with a “personal day” and family reasons were cited.

Now we found out that it was much more than anyone could have predicted.

The former Ole Miss product still has two more years left on his rookie contract past this season. Gang Green would be insane to actually trade one of their most talented players.

You would never get proper value back for a talented wide receiver who is still under cheap control for multiple years.

The best solution to this problem is for the coaching staff and key decision-makers to sit down with Moore and figure all of this out. Or even for a group of veteran leaders on the team to reach out to Moore to try and squash this.

Gang Green has good vibes around the organization and if they want to keep it that way they have to squash this fire before it becomes bigger than it already is.

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