Jets Linked to Recently Fired Head Coach, Former QB

Kliff Kingsbury, Cardinals

Getty Former Arizona Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury making a call during an NFL game.

The New York Jets could look to pursue a big name in the NFL world this offseason.

On The Michael Kay Show, ESPN analyst, and longtime former quarterback Steve Young was asked about the possibility of the Jets adding Kliff Kingsbury to the staff:

“If they let him (Mike LaFleur) go I would say, Kliff Kingsbury. Yeah, I like that idea.”

Kingsbury was fired on black Monday after serving as the Arizona Cardinals’ head coach for the last four seasons.

Jake Asman advocated for the move on Twitter saying if he were running the shop he would try to hire Kingsbury as the new offensive coordinator.

Steve Young Calls out Jets OC Mike LaFleur

For Kingsbury to come to the Jets, the team would have to move on from offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur.

Young was blunt when talking about how he feels LaFleur has failed Zach Wilson:

“Zach doesn’t need tough love. He needs a big brother and a young knowledgeable innovative someone that can say to him you know what despite everything that has happened Zach, I believe in you and you can get this done. Zach needs that and Mike kind of kept him at arm’s length. He gave him the tough love aspect and I don’t think it’s really useful for Zach. They have to fix that. It’s not working and it’s a broken relationship. It is a relationship that needs mending and that is on both of them.”

Head coach Robert Saleh announced during his Monday, January 9 media availability that he will take the next few days to make staff evaluations.

Jets general manager Joe Douglas made it clear that the decision to either fire LaFleur or bring him back will solely be up to Saleh.

Douglas added that he has our “trust and support” and they will back him on any decision that he makes.

Not Everyone Is a Fan of Kliff Kingsbury to the Jets

Kingsbury would certainly be a sexy big name if the Jets went in that direction.

The 43-year-old had a five-year professional football career hovering between the NFL and the CFL. Interestingly enough during that short stint in the pros, Kingsbury spent a year with the Jets back in 2005 as a backup quarterback.

That was the only time he appeared in an NFL game according to Pro Football Reference.

After that, he quickly transitioned into the coaching ranks. Kingsbury started off in college spending 11 years between Houston, Texas A&M, and Texas Tech.

In 2019 he was hired as the head coach of the Cardinals and was there until he was fired this week.

I asked Trevor Sikkema of Pro Football Focus on my podcast if he would like the Jets to pursue Kingsbury this offseason

“Kliff is certainly going to be an offensive coordinator before he is a head coach again, especially at the NFL level. I don’t know man it just feels like even with what he was doing with Kyler Murray, DeAndre Hopkins like it felt like they had so much control over who was in and out on that roster and it still didn’t work. I know that he is a flashy name which is why he has been able to move up the ladder both at the college and the NFL levels despite not really having success. I’d be weary of that one.”

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