Jets Turn Heads Amid Meetings With 2 High-Level QB Prospects

Caleb Williams, Jayden Daniels

Getty Former USC quarterback Caleb Williams and ex-LSU star Jayden Daniels.

Team insiders told me that the chances are very low that the New York Jets would take a quarterback in the first round. Or are they?

The green and white raised a lot of eyebrows in Indianapolis at the NFL Combine with two high-profile meetings with some of the top quarterback prospects.

NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport shared that the Jets were one of eight teams that were “expected to meet” with USC star passer Caleb Williams.

A few hours later Rapoport shared another interesting update revealing that the Jets were also scheduled to meet with Heisman trophy-winning LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels. Gang Green was one of nine teams mentioned in the social media post.

In Mel Kiper’s latest mock draft for ESPN, he predicted that Williams and Daniels would be the first two picks in April.

Would the Jets Really Trade up for a QB in the First Round of the NFL Draft?

Taking a quarterback in the first round with the No. 10 overall pick would be one thing for the Jets. However, if they’re sniffing around Daniels or Williams it would require a blockbuster trade-up scenario to get into that range.

“This would be highly provocative because you’re telling your guy that is coming back from an Achilles injury, listen we’re starting the clock on you again just like Brian Gutekunst did years ago. I know it would be very provocative if the Jets trade up and get another rookie quarterback. Aaron [Rodgers] is like really? This entire time I’m sitting here thinking, I’m rehabbing and I can play until I’m 45 like Tom Brady. You’re gonna go ahead and get some fresh blood in here and you’re gonna back me up with a rookie? Didn’t you see what just happened with Zach Wilson? But I do think the Jets need to plan for the future,” Rich Eisen explained on “The Rich Eisen Show.”

“Lo and behold, did you see one of the teams that Jayden Daniels is meeting with this week? The New York Jets. They might be thinking the same thing I’m thinking,” Eisen said. “If they fall in love with one of these kids maybe just maybe they go ahead and they trade up and go and get that kid instead of the protection for Aaron Rodgers. It would be a highly provocative move.”

Eisen named the Jets as one of the teams “that should trade up to draft a QB” on his award-winning program.

“I think the Jets should kick the tires on it and maybe consider it,” Eisen added.

Jets Will Be Drafting a Quarterback in 2024

Zack Rosenblatt of The Athletic told me on “The Boy Green Show” that “this is the year they draft a developmental guy because Aaron Rodgers is turning 41 [in December].”

I then asked him specifically what are the chances that the green and white take a quarterback in the first round of the draft.

“I would say pretty low. I’ll say 10% because it’s not zero,” Rosenblatt responded.

Rosenblatt admitted that there are paths where it could make sense.

“If you think a guy is a star, you go & get him. If the next Patrick Mahomes is in the draft then you don’t resist the chance to get him … I think Joe Douglas is smart enough to not let that guy pass him,” Rosenblatt added.

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