New York Knicks Pressed to Sign 2-Time All-Star

isaiah thomas knicks

Getty Could Isaiah Thomas finish the year with the Knicks?

The New York Knicks are in the midst of a disappointing season, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be able to turn things around.

Despite their poor record, the team is within striking distance from the NBA play-in tournament and all it takes is a strong stretch of games that would get them back into contention.

Whether it’s possible is another thing entirely, but the Knicks roster as currently constructed doesn’t seem capable of making a run. The starting lineup has been nothing short of a disaster, and outside of a few comments from coach Tom Thibodeau before the All Star Break, there doesn’t seem to be any changes on the horizon. Of course, time will tell if changes come, and they might be here fast.

There are some players available on the buyout market the Knicks could go after, if for no other reason than to provide some excitement. Players like JR Smith, a fan-favorite in his years with the Knicks, and Joe Johnson have been floated as possible options.

Another player they could go after would be former Boston Celtics star Isaiah Thomas. When teams were handing out 10-day contracts like nothing, Thomas caught on with both the Lakers and Mavericks, but he’s currently without a team.

Sports Illustrated’s Ben Stinar makes an argument for the Knicks to sign Thomas for the rest of the season.

Thomas to the Knicks

Isaiah Thomas Mavs-Kings

GettyDallas Mavericks guard Isaiah Thomas handles the ball during a game against the Sacramento Kings.

The Knicks could use a point guard after the Kemba Walker experiment has essentially failed, but is another Celtics guard the answer?

Thomas has been in and out of the league since his MVP run in Boston, and the results have been very mixed.

Could he provide something to the Knicks this year? The answer to that question is yes, at least according to Stinar.

“[The Knicks] entered the All-Star break as the 12th seed in the Eastern Conference with a 24-35 record,” he says. “Therefore, they need some sort of a spark to save their season. Thomas is exactly the kind of player who could bring that excitement.”

Despite his lack of being on a team, Thomas has remained a fan-favorite among fans all around the country.

His stops in Los Angeles and Dallas were met with a lot of excitement, but it wasn’t enough for him to stick long-term with either team. Of course, those two teams have championship aspirations, so perhaps a team like the Knicks would fit better. They obviously want to be good, but the season is slipping out of grasp for them, so it might be time to try something new.

How Do the Knicks Fix Their PG Problem?

miles mcbride westchester knicks

GettyIs McBride going to get his chance?

For the time being, the Knicks still have a problem at point guard. After letting Elfrid Payton walk in free agency and replacing him with Walker, many fans thought he was the answer.

That has turned out to not be the case, so New York is still looking for their point guard of the future. Some fans believe it might be Miles McBride, but the team hasn’t given him a chance to prove himself against the NBA talent as of yet. He lights up the G-League just about every game he plays there, so he can’t be stuck there forever.

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