Titans Excessively Recruiting Falcons 7x Pro Bowler

Julio Jones

Getty Julio Jones #11 of the Atlanta Falcons.

Julio Jones going on live TV to say he’s “outta there” in reference to the Atlanta Falcons trade rumors has caused an uproar for some.

As for others, it’s a chance to go out and recruit the seven-time Pro Bowler to join their team.

Titans’ rising star wide receiver, AJ Brown, is taking full advantage of the trade saga and pushing Tennessee to make a move for the Falcons’ All-Pro wideout.

Brown took to Instagram to do his recruiting and posted a voice memo that he sent to Jones in a DM for all to hear:

“If you want to carry the load, you can carry it. If you get tired, you know I’ll carry you. …We waiting on you here. You say you want to win, right? We need a couple more pieces. Trust me.”


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 AJ Brown Gets Really Creative with His Recruitment

Brown didn’t stop there, in fact, he got more creative and turned to TikTok edited Julio Jones into a Titans uniform photo that also featured himself, running back Derrick Henry, and quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

You will also notice Brown (while giving a sales pitch) is repping a Julio Jones Falcons t-shirt that he has made into a Titans jersey with some blue ducktape. It looks like he already has Jones’ number picked out for him as well.

Brown looks to Tannehill first and says, “Ok, I’m going to sell you on some things right here, listen to me closely. You have Tannehill, Mr. Finger Roll himself. Listen, he does what needs to be done. He’s a leader, he’s a great passer.

Then he points out Henry, “Next, him, behind me––superhuman. We don’t even have to discuss him. He speaks for himself. Look how mean he looks in the picture.”

And even hypes himself up, “Then me, I’m up and coming. Pro Bowl, year two, not a big deal––kind of a big deal, but not really, okay. Scratch that, anyway, whatever.”

Finally, he speaks directly to Jones, “YOU, the GOAT of our era, of our receivers. Help me, help you. Come home, Julio, come home.”

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 The Falcons Were Blindsided by Jones’ On-Air Call

Jones’ on-air call has caused a “massive stink bomb” and blindsided the Falcons, according to a source who told Front Office Sports.

“It’s become a huge deal,” the source said.

Whether or not Jones knew he was on live television remains a big question mark, but NFL analyst Chris Simms said the Falcons wideout had no idea.

“From what I know, from people I know in the NFL, he had no idea he was on the air yesterday,” Simms said. “I found that out from somebody in the know here. Yes, he and his agent were very disappointed after.”

Another report by NFL insider Ian Rapoport said that Jones had requested a trade “months ago” and that’s when Atlanta began listening to offers.



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