‘So Fire!’ LeBron James Gives Touchdown Shoutout to Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant

Getty Dez Bryant gives the thumbs up before a Ravens game.

The Baltimore Ravens blew out the Jacksonville Jaguars for their third straight win on Sunday, and as part of the game, wideout Dez Bryant got back into the end zone.

Bryant scored a touchdown for the first time in two years on Sunday, and the accomplishment reverberated in the sports world. Even Los Angeles Lakers’ star LeBron James was watching, and took time to give Bryant a Twitter shoutout for what he was able to do on the field in his big comeback.

To get recognition from James is huge considering his star power. The fact that James is inspired by Bryant is also notable, given he himself has had to go through adversity and rise in his career. It’s just another major feather in the cap for Bryant, who has managed to put himself on the map again with a big performance in Week 15 for the Ravens.

Not surprisingly, Bryant was very thankful to get the inspirational message from James and quickly thanked him with a post of his own.

It’s always cool to see a couple of mega-stars connecting over a special sports moment on Twitter.

Dez Bryant Loves Ravens, Teammates

How special was it for Bryant to get into the end zone again? Combined with the response he received from his new Ravens’ teammates, the experience nearly moved the wideout to tears as he explained after the game.

Bryant said:

“I’m being honest, I had to hold back my tears because like I said, it was very emotional. That love is real. I am not joking when I say that. These guys here, they are 100. They are amazing. Phenomenal people. Win, lose or draw, I swear there’s love in my heart for Baltimore forever.”

Bryant has fit in quickly with the Ravens, and it’s clear that he remains very happy with the players he’s around in his new city.

Dez Bryant’s Touchdown vs. Jacksonville

Bryant got into the end zone in the first half to help the Ravens to a 26-0 lead. He got into the end zone with a big touchdown catch, which was his first score with the Ravens and his first score of any kind since the 2017 season considering his missing the last few seasons due to injury and being out of the league.

Here’s a look:

After what Bryant went through just to get back to the league and of course play with the Ravens, it’s nice to see him get back in the end zone and make another big time play. It’s possible if Bryant shows himself down the stretch, the Baltimore offense could be dangerous and in good shape moving forward.

The Ravens got an important comeback when Bryant came back off the COVID-19 list earlier this month, and his loss in the meantime was a big one for the Ravens in the meantime. Baltimore has needed some type of a deep threat for their offense to help in moving the chains and making big plays. Bryant has all of the goods to deliver these types of plays for the Ravens consistently into the future.

Great to see Bryant getting busy in an NFL end zone once again, and it will be fantastic to see what he can do for the team down the stretch with plays like this in mind. One of the best players in NBA history would no doubt agree with that sentiment.

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