Ravens Set High Pick Tender on Key Free Agent Stud

Gus Edwards

Getty Gus Edwards runs in the Ravens playoff game.

The Baltimore Ravens have some key decisions to make with their free agents in the coming weeks, and already, they have taken a big step toward sorting out a huge issue for the team.

On Wednesday, the Ravens hit running back Gus Edwards with a second-round tender, which all but ensures the team will be able to do a deal to keep him around. The tender means that any team that signs Edwards will have to give up a second-round pick in order to do so.

Keeping Edwards with the team has been a big goal for the Ravens, and it’s important to see if the team can keep him around moving forward. The Ravens have been one of the best rushing attacks in the league, and Edwards has been a big part of that. Leading into this offseason, many have said that he should be a major target of teams across the league who want to bump up this production on the ground. This news will likely prevent anyone from seriously pursuing Edwards in the short term.

Along with J.K. Dobbins, it’s seemed that Edwards would be a huge part of the mix for the team and that looks to be the case once again. With Mark Ingram moving on, it appears as if the Ravens are committed to doing whatever they need to in order to keep Edwards around long-term.

Ravens Loaded at Running Back

Perhaps Edwards would see the writing on the wall and want to move on given the fact that Dobbins is likely to be the unquestioned starter and key contributor for the foreseeable future. Perhaps Edwards sees himself as a complement to Dobbins and understands his role on the team if not embraces it. All of these questions will have to be sorted out soon, and it will be interesting to see if anyone takes a swing at trying to nab Edwards given his situation in Baltimore with the roster. There might not be a ton of touches to go around for the backfield, but this move likely ensures that Edwards is not going to be getting any type of fresh start outside of Baltimore this offseason.

Gus Edwards Stats

Edwards has been a very productive member of the Ravens since 2018. He had rushed for 1,429 yards and 4 touchdowns thus far in his career coming into 2020. He hasn’t been nearly as prolific catching the ball as running the ball, with only 65 receiving yards as a member of the team. During 2020, Edwards rushed for 723 yards and 6 scores for the Ravens.

A former runner for Miami and Rutgers in college, Edwards has been a tough runner early in his time in the league and a player some might describe as a bowling ball to bring down. To that end, he figures to be an asset for the offense.

It’s clear the Ravens like Edwards given the tender they whipped out in order to keep him in the mix and keep other teams away.

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