John Harbaugh Outlines Ideal Ravens Free Agency Target

John Harbaugh

Getty John Harbaugh congratulates some Ravens wideouts.

The Baltimore Ravens have some big decisions to make this offseason, and possibly the biggest revolves around how to remake their roster.

It’s clear the team is going to need a major makeover at several different spots in order to remain relevant, and coach John Harbaugh addressed those needs head on when he spoke to the media for the first time since the season ended last weekend.

Specifically, Harbaugh didn’t mince words when it comes to what he is looking for this offseason. Amongst other potential targets for the team? A big playmaking wideout for the team’s needy offense. When speaking to the media this week, Harbaugh clarified that offensive upgrades could be on the menu, specifically ones at the offensive skill spots of wideout and perhaps even tight end.

Harbaugh said:

“It kind of comes down to who you can get and what they’re going to cost in the end and who wants to be here. But if you can bring an Anquan Boldin in here? Lets do it. Now can we afford it and what are the resources from other things we need? That’s the details we have to figure out. I think a big, physical receiver would be awesome for us and big target for Lamar. It could be another tight end too or a speed guy who could open things up and open the coverage up would be valuable too. We could use anybody who’s talented and good.”

An upgrade to the offense would be huge for the Ravens, and that’s especially true considering how the team struggled downfield. Getting another big time wideout in the mix to take pressure off who the Ravens already have would be a big help overall to the offense, and with Harbaugh’s words it’s clear the team could look for that.

John Harbaugh’s Pitch to Free Agents

As for getting those players into the mix, Harbaugh doesn’t want to sound desperate because he’s not. As he clarified, players are free to choose whatever teams they want. Harbaugh’s sell is simple. If you want to play for a true team where football is king and you’ll have fun, choose the Ravens.

Harbaugh said:

“I’m not going to beg anybody to be here, I’m not a college coach and I don’t have to recruit anybody. If you want to win, if you want to be a part of a great organization and you want to be a part of a team and you want to love coming to work every single day and and you’re a football player and you love football and want to play in the AFC North? Come here. If you don’t, if you’re all about stats and numbers and your stat line and how many balls you catch and that’s all you care for, there’s a lot of other teams you could go play for and we’ll be looking forward to lining up against you.”

The Ravens have managed to put together a solid team in the last few years with this mindset, and the team will always be bigger than the sum of the parts in Baltimore. It’s nice to see Harbaugh sticking to that mindset and not giving in, even as he could make exceptions to get name players.

Free Agent Wideouts Ravens Could Sign

The good news is if a big wideout is the team’s top need, that can be found on the market with ease this year. Kenny Golladay and Allen Robinson aren’t the only two big names at wideout this offseason who might be lured by the team. There are multiple other free agent options the Ravens could look into such as A.J. Green of the Bengals, Marvin Jones of the Lions, Sammy Watkins of the Chiefs, T.Y. Hilton of the Colts, Corey Davis of the Titans and Will Fuller of the Texans. Any of those players could give the Ravens some of their down field punch the offense has been lacking, and most of those guys minus Green are currently in their prime in their late 20s or early 30s.

The draft also figures to be deep with pass catchers, so the Ravens could find a big target there if they so choose. Free agency, though, would likely be the best way for the team to add someone to the mix who could stretch the field and do damage on a defense. Baltimore is estimated to have just over $23 million in cap space, so they could possibly make this type of addition happen.

Whatever the move, it will have to fit for the Ravens first as Harbaugh has explained.

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