Ravens’ Lamar Jackson Reportedly COVID Positive, Game in Doubt

Lamar Jackson

Getty Lamar Jackson tripped up in a Titans game.

The Baltimore Ravens have a developing situation as it relates to their COVID-19 issues, and the news seems to be only getting worse for the team.

According to reports on Thursday, quarterback Lamar Jackson tested positive for COVID-19. This news was in the wake of reports that more Ravens were expected to test positive in the coming days, which created a complicated situation for the league in terms of the potential for Sunday’s game playing out.

How Jackson was infected is also a mystery, but according to reports, it may have been during the game or perhaps in the locker room given his proximity to another few positive players.

According to reports, the NFL will make a decision on the fate of the Week 12 game in Pittsburgh on Friday. It will be interesting to see how many more positive cases might arise and what happens with the Ravens in the meantime. It’s clear the situation is starting to look dire at this point in time all things considered with all the new news that has come out.

Wednesday, the Ravens disciplined a staff member for their role in this situation, so it’s clear this is a major crisis.

Ravens Might Have COVID-10 Crisis

The Ravens are not only potentially facing having their quarterback hampered by COVID-19 but far more players on their team as well. The Ravens might be facing a situation where their facility is closed down the rest of the week and work becomes remote after yet another round of positive tests. That is making it look very tough to have Sunday’s game play out as scheduled according to plenty in the know.

This is the biggest outbreak seen yet in the NFL, and could be a big reason the NFL shifts to a bubble for their impending postseason. Without the ability to do that, situations like this could arise and compromise the entire finish to the year. It’s clear the Ravens are giving the league a lot to think about

Ravens 2020 COVID-19 Response

Early on this season, Baltimore had done a great job as it related to COVID-19. The team avoided serious outbreaks much of the first half of the season and during training camp, but recently had a small situation when Marlon Humphrey tested positive. That situation was handled well by the team and isolated by comparison, but this case happened shortly after. Clearly, for discipline to be revealed, there’s a good reason that so many players and members of the organization have been impacted. This is feeling like a full blown outbreak at this point in time.

The specific nature of this situation and how it happened specifically may not be revealed or may be kept under wraps for a while, but now the case has found its way up the Baltimore food chain in a very intensive way. Arguably, it’s the biggest COVID-19 crisis in sports at the moment.

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