Marcus Peters Responds to Jarvis Landry Spitting Controversy [LOOK]

Marcus Peters

Getty Marcus Peters makes a tackle against Cleveland.

The Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns played an exciting game on Monday night, but the ending may have been marked with a bit of controversy on one side of things.

Video surfaced of Ravens cornerback Marcus Peters appearing to spit at Cleveland wideout Jarvis Landry. It was a nasty looking act that Landry was livid with, but according to Peters, it was all a misunderstanding and was not an intentional act whatsoever.

Peters and the Ravens released a statement late last week which discussed the incident in question specifically and addressed it. Within it, Peters admits that he was not spitting at Landry at all.

Here’s a look at the statement:

“I didn’t spit at Jarvis. Where I come from, when you have an issue with someone, you deal with it face-to-face, man-to-man. Anyone who believes that I intentionally spit at him does not know me – plain and simple.”

The controversy has been brewing ever since Monday night during the game and after, and Landry has been very open about the fact that he believes Peters spit at him during the game playing out. Obviously, such an act if true would be disgusting enough, but when coupled with the public health crisis around the world, it would look even worse for the Ravens and Peters.

According to the team and Peters, though, it was a misunderstanding and nothing more. Perhaps there’s a

Marcus Peters Stats

Since joining the Ravens last season via trade from the Los Angeles Rams, Peters has been one of the most productive cornerbacks in football, registering 51 total tackles and 3 interceptions this season. With 6 picks and 2 touchdowns since joining Baltimore, it’s safe to say it’s a savvy addition that the team has made to bolster what has been a solid defense in a major way.

Peters has been the lead dog at cornerback for the Ravens in a stacked backfield, and has been a team leader as well. This type of conduct would be surprising from Peters if it was true, but as the cornerback maintains, that simply isn’t the case.

Ravens-Browns Might Be Best Monday Night Game Ever

The incident will not overshadow what was arguably the best game of the 2020 season and one of the best in the last few seasons on the field. While the game might not exactly be remembered as one of the best in NFL history, it’s certain that it will be thought of as one of the most exciting Monday Night Football games of all-time. The way the game went, with lead changes and the teams trading touchdowns as well as exciting plays, will certainly help it get remembered as one of the most exciting contests the show has had to offer in a long time, and perhaps easily the most exciting Monday Night Football game ever aired on ESPN.

The incident between Peters and Landry will merely go down as a small postscript in what’s been an incredible response after the game.

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