Writer From Ravens’ Website Doesn’t Expect 1 Former All-Pro to be Back in 2024

baltimore ravens odell beckham jr

Getty The Baltimore Ravens are not expected to keep Odell Beckham Jr.

The Baltimore Ravens have plenty of big names heading for free agency in 2024.

They have a pair of current All-Pros, a former number one overall pick, and a former Offensive Rookie of the Year who could all choose to play elsewhere in 2024.

The team still has plenty of time to figure out how they want to approach all of their free agent decisions for this offseason, but a writer from the team’s website already thinks that one of the bigger names in the free agent class won’t be re-signed.

Ravens.com’s Ryan Mink doesn’t think the team will bring Odell Beckham Jr. back for the 2024 season.

“I don’t see the Ravens spending big money on keeping a free agent or bringing in a new one. They just don’t have the salary-cap space.”

Small Return on a Big Investment

Last offseason, the Ravens took a pretty big risk on Beckham Jr. He didn’t take a single snap during the 2022 season after tearing his ACL in Super Bowl LVI.

It was the second ACL injury of his NFL career and third major lower body injury.

Since suffering that injury, he had turned 30 and he hadn’t put up star numbers since 2019.

The Ravens still ended up giving him a one-year deal worth $15 million plus incentives.

In return, they got a decent year out of the former All-Pro. Beckham Jr. made 35 catches for 565 yards and 3 touchdowns in 14 games.

Those aren’t exactly the numbers you hope to get out of one of the highest-paid receivers in football.

He also didn’t deliver when it mattered most. He made just 4 catches for 34 yards in the team’s two playoff games.

It isn’t clear yet how long of a contract or how much money Beckham Jr. will be looking for this offseason, but if he’s looking for more than a year or anything close to his 2023 compensation, bringing him back just wouldn’t make sense for the Ravens.

Ravens’ Other Options

If the Ravens decide to let Beckham Jr. leave this offseason, they’ll need to have a plan in place to replace him in the passing game.

Luckily for Baltimore, they have some options for a replacement.

The easiest would probably be for them to grab a receiver early in the draft. The Ravens have spent a first rounder on a receiver in three of the past five drafts.

Luckily, this year’s draft class is deep at receiver, so the team could look elsewhere in round one and still get a solid starter at receiver in the second round.

They could also look to free agency. The options are less abundant there, but there are some players that could fit.

DJ Chark posted numbers similar to Beckham Jr. in 2023 despite playing a bad Panthers offense. He cost a third of what Beckham Jr. did this past season.

Josh Reynolds also posted similar numbers and would be a cheaper option for the team.

The other option for the Ravens is to get the production at another position.

Isaiah Likely made the case for the team using two tight ends more often with strong performances while Mark Andrews was injured.

The team could also look to add a talented receiving back. The idea of trading for Alvin Kamara was recently proposed. He made 75 catches for the Saints this past season and could certainly be the third pass catching option for the Ravens.

With so many options out there, it looks like a good idea for the Ravens to move on from Beckham Jr.

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