Ravens Lose Another Young Member of Coaching Staff to New Job

Zach Orr

Getty Zach Orr celebrates an interception.

The Baltimore Ravens have been one of the most successful teams in the NFL the last few seasons, so it’s no surprise to see that their staff is being pillaged as it relates to talented coaches.

This offseason, the Ravens have lost a handful of talented staff members to new positions, and it didn’t take long for them to lose yet another name on the market to an exciting young team. According to Jeff Zrebiec and others, Baltimore coaching analyst Zach Orr is departing the staff to coach linebackers for the Jacksonville Jaguars and Urban Meyer.

Obviously, this is a significant upgrade for Orr, as he will get to join a coaching staff and coach a position a short time after ending his own career. For this reason, it’s tough to blame Orr for leaving the Ravens to start his own path for the future. Many have said he will make a great coach, so now it will be interesting to see how well Orr is able to do with a brand new start to his career.

Zach Orr Stats

At just 28, Orr had an abrupt end to his own career after he made the Ravens as an undrafted free agent in the 2014 season out of North Texas. He made his mark on special teams that season with five tackles. Once he got into the defensive mix, however, Orr started to show signs of being a great player on the field. He was a second-team All Pro in the 2016 season and would finish that season with a neck injury. In 2017, he surprised by retiring due to a congenital neck/spine condition which played a role in his injury. Orr tried to come back in 2017, but no teams would sign him due to the health risk posed by his condition. He joined the Ravens as a coach shortly after he retired for a second time.

In the short time he was on the field, Orr did make a big impact. During his career, he put up 162 tackles, 3 interceptions, 1 sack and 2 fumble recoveries while forcing 3 fumbles. Had he not had the unfortunate injury, it would have been interesting to see what he could do.

Now, though, Orr is making coaching his top focus.

Ravens Facing Major 2021 Staff Changes

The Ravens have attracted plenty of interest and seen plenty of moving parts this offseason as it relates to others getting new jobs. Quarterbacks coach James Urban interviewed for a role as new Detroit Lions’ offensive coordinator, but that job went to Anthony Lynn. While defensive coordinator Don Martindale will stay, linebacker coach Mike Macdonald has already departed for Michigan to run Jim Harbaugh’s defense. Defensive backs coach Jesse Minter will leave to be Vanderbilt’s defensive coordinator. Culley joined the lineup of departing Ravens coaches when he secured the Houston Texans head coaching job this past week, though it seemed like he could be a long shot to get the job initially.

Now, the Ravens will have to go about replacing Orr, which might not be easy given the youth and excitement he brings to the team.

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