Bills Abruptly Cancel Visit With RB Leonard Fournette: Insider

Leonard Fournette

Getty The Buccaneers could consider a trade for Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott.

The Buffalo Bills won’t be looking for running back help from Leonard Fournette after all.

After reports that the Bills planned a workout with the veteran free agent, NFL insider Jordan Schultz reported that the team changed course. The Bills had expected to lose one of their practice squad running backs and were bringing in Fournette as a potential insurance policy, Schultz reported.

“Update: I’m told Leonard Fournette’s visit with the #Bills is being scratched,” Schultz reported. “My understanding is Buffalo was expecting to lose RB Ty Johnson from their practice squad, which was the reason they were bringing Lenny in. But Johnson is now staying, and Lenny will wait for a better opportunity.”

The Bills could still look for some help at running back after an injury in the team’s October 15 win over the New York Giants.

Bills Looking for Backfield Depth

Though Schultz had initially reported that there was a “good chance” that the Bills would sign Fournette if he had a successful workout, the team ultimately decided to pass on the workout altogether after the change in plans regarding Johnson.

The Bills made efforts to boost their backfield going into this season, allowing top back Devin Singletary to leave in free agency and adding more size and power with Damien Harris and Latavius Murray. The two have combined for 222 yards and three touchdowns through the first six games of the season.

The Bills may need more help in the backfield for the upcoming game after Harris was hurt in Sunday’s win over the Giants. Harris was taken to the hospital during the game but later released.

Bills offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey said it was a difficult moment for the team to see Harris being loaded into an ambulance on the field.

“You feel so helpless up there, obviously, and you’re worried about your guys,” Dorsey said, via ESPN. “Obviously, Damien’s such a great player for us and human being, and so it’s hard to see something like that happen. So, you feel very helpless and you wanna be down there with them, but they’re just hard situations to be in.”

It was not clear if Harris would be able to return for the team’s game against the New England Patriots on October 22. Bills head coach Sean McDermott said he was first focusing on getting rest after his trip to the hospital.

“I think he’s just extremely thankful to God for him being in the situation that he’s in as opposed to what he was several hours ago on that field,” McDermott said Monday. “So, just really just resetting and trying to get some rest and just slowing things down a little bit here.”

Other Options for Leonard Fournette

While the Bills passed on signing Fournette, the veteran running back could still have other options for another NFL destination. Max Gerber of USA Today’s Lions Wire suggested that Fournette could be a target for the Detroit Lions after they suffered a spate of injuries in the backfield.

“Former first-round pick Leonard Fournette is still on the market despite several strong seasons with Tampa Bay,” Gerber wrote. “Injuries have been a concern for him, but Detroit needs all the help they can possibly get at running back right now.”

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