Bills OL Reveals Vaccination Status in Controversial Tweet

Jon Feliciano

@MongoFeliciano/Twitter Buffalo Bills offensive lineman Jon Feliciano's tweet about his vaccination status stirs up drama on social media.

The Buffalo Bills offensive line took a huge hit just before kickoff against the Carolina Panthers in Week 15, when starter Jon Feliciano was a last-minute scratch after being placed on Reserve/COVID-19 list.

While the Bills still came out with a dominant 31-14 win over the Panthers on December 19, Feliciano revealed on Tuesday on Twitter that while his team took the field that Sunday, he was in the emergency room.

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The 29-year-old also felt compelled to reveal his vaccination status against coronavirus after retweeting a conspiracy-provoking tweet from Detroit Lions defensive end Nicholas Williams.

Williams tweeted how it was “interesting” that “Pfizer is buying a Cardiovascular Biopharma Company,” a prodding message inferring that Pfizer, a company which helped develop one of the world’s first COVID-19 vaccines, was double-dipping in the pharmaceutical world.

While Williams’ tweet was heavily supported by the anti-vaxxer community on Twitter, Feliciano retweeting the conspiratorial propaganda brought the offensive lineman immediate backlash on Twitter.

In response, Feliciano tweeted, “All u dummies that keep @ me about Covid, I’m VAXXED and ended up in er Sunday morning. U can still get Covid while vaxxed.”

While Feliciano is vaccinated, he seems to be inferring that he did so against his will, and doesn’t believe in its efficacy.

Feliciano’s Tweets Received Strong Reactions on Social Media

It’s beneficial not just for Feliciano’s personal health that he is vaccinated against COVID-19, but for the entire franchise. As it stands, the Bills have four starting players on the Reserve/COVID-19 list, and Buffalo needs all the help they can get to secure a win against the New England Patriots in Week 16.

Other members of the Bills’ active roster on the Reserve/COVID-19 list include offensive lineman Dion Dawkins, defensive end A.J. Eepenesa, and linebacker Tyrel Dodson.

Users online expressed their frustration at Feliciano for promoting a conspiratorial tweet, and for complaining about a part of the vaccine that is already well-known.

“No one ever said you couldn’t get Covid while vaxxed,” one man tweeted. “From the beginning they said it was to reduce the chances of getting Covid and to reduce any symptoms from Covid. If it kept people from getting Covid it would be called a cure.”

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While disappointed in Feliciano’s tweets, most of the responses were just happy to learn he was vaccinated, and on the up-and-up. “Good thing you were vaxxed! Could have been bad,” one fan tweeted. “Hope you’re feeling better. Go Bills,” while one person responded, “The vaccine prob saved your life. God bless and I hope you have a speedy recovery from this virus! Merry Christmas!!”

Bills’ Jordan Poyer Also Retweeted Williams’ Conspiratorial Tweet, Along With More COVID Proganda


GettyBuffalo Bills safety Jordan Poyer before the team’s game on September 19, 2021 against the Miami Dolphins.

Bills safety Jordan Poyer was also intrigued by Williams’ conspiratorial message and retweeted it for his followers.

As for Pfizer’s purchase of Arena Pharmaceuticals for $6.7 billion, which was initially announced on December 13, it’s misleading to call them merely a “Cardiovascular Biopharma Company,” as they are a three-prong company with leading research in gastroenterology and dermatology, as well.

Pfizer’s official statement notes that the main pull of the deal was acquiring of Arena’s inflammation and immunology research, in particular, etrasimod, an experimental drug to treat Crohn’s disease, along with studies to cure ulcerative colitis.

However, Poyer admittedly enjoys triggering his Twitter followers with controversial tweets and continues to share other anti-vax propaganda in his feed.

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