Josh Allen’s Longtime Girlfriend Unfollows Bills QB on Instagram

Josh Allen, Brittany Williams

Getty Brittany Williams (R), the longtime girlfriend of superstar Josh Allen, has unfollowed the Bills quarterback on Instagram.

Ever since quarterback Josh Allen landed with the Buffalo Bills as the team’s No. 7 overall pick in the 2018 Draft, his longtime girlfriend, Brittany Williams, has been by his side. The two have known each other since they were kids and started dating in college.

Being Allen’s biggest cheerleader, Williams has become a famous figure in Buffalo, garnering over 174,000 followers on Instagram, so Bills Mafia immediately noticed when she unfollowed Allen on the social media app. Williams has also deleted a slew of pictures from her page, including every photo from the 2022 season, and several years’ worth of game-related posts.

The only front-facing photo featuring Allen is from April 26, 2018 — the day Allen was drafted. She captioned the post, “Watching your dreams come true was a moment I will never forget💙❤️ Here we come Buffalo! #BillsMafia.” All pictures before that date have been taken down. The couple vacationed together in Maui in February, but photos from that trip were deleted.

Williams, who turns 27 later this month, spent Easter weekend living it up with two girlfriends in Palm Springs, per the photos she shared on Instagram. One fan commented, “He fumbled the bag hard 🔥🔥🔥,” while another person wrote, “Happy era ✨” to which Williams responded, “Preach 👏✨.” One woman commented, “@joshallenqb marry her already 😍,” to which another person responded, “Awk.”

Rumors of a possible breakup also circled Twitter, but thus far, neither Williams nor Allen has publicly commented on the matter. The 26-year-old quarterback still follows Williams on Instagram and most recently liked the vacation photos she posted on March 10, a trip to Mexico that included Allen, Bills backup quarterback Kyle Allen and fiancée Summer Juraszek, Jaguars wide receiver Christian Kirk and fiancée Ozzy Ozkan, along with Broncos quarterback Jarrett Stidham and his wife, Kennedy.

Williams’ most recent post featuring Allen is from July 14, 2022, when the couple took a trip to Diamond Cross Ranch in Wyoming. It’s unclear what led Williams to unfollow the Bills star on Instagram, but she still follows Allen’s mother and his sisters.

Brittany Williams Got Candid About Marriage Ahead of the 2022 NFL Season

Brittany Williams, Josh Allen

@brittwilll/InstagramBrittany Williams poses with her boyfriend, Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen.

Williams, who shares a dog with Allen named Sky, opened up about their relationship just before the Bills’ 2022 season opener against the Los Angeles Rams, addressing the question of when they’ll get married.

“What me and Josh always say: ‘What’s understood doesn’t need to be explained.’ Like we understand what we have,” Williams said during a September 2022 appearance on Kelly Stafford’s “The Morning After” podcast. “Everyone around us are going to say this, say that. When you’re married? When’s the baby coming? When have your baby, when’s the next baby coming? So we just always say that. We have a great thing going.

“Quarterbacks are so focused and so different in the sense of the way they think,” she said. “That comes first in their mind and I totally understand that. Apart from it, I feel like they have a timeline in their head. Like this has to happen before this, or whatever it is. So, you can try to make that happen. … But really, I am so happy that we’ve been able to grow, like from moving in together four years ago, we’ve just grown so much. I can only imagine how much more we will continue to grow.”

Brittany Williams

@brittwilll/InstagramBrittany Williams sent a message of support to her boyfriend, Bills quarterback Josh Allen, ahead of the team’s Week 6 matchup against the Chiefs.

The Fresno State alum also told Stafford, wife of Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford, that she and Allen had just moved into a new house that is “more private” and much bigger, so “all of our friends and family can stay and enjoy,” and most importantly, “We have a gate.”

She explained how fans used to swarm their old place, which was in the middle of the neighborhood. While Williams understands the fervor surrounding Allen, having a place where they can truly be alone was crucial. “I feel like this past year, I had to step up and be that voice and draw the line. I’m just trying to be protective of what we have.”

Williams also expressed a healthy approach to dealing with women who openly swoon over Allen. “It doesn’t bother me at all,” she told Stafford. “It’s just what comes with it. Me and Josh honestly just crack up at some of the stuff we see. If you’re going to be upset about that then you’re not going to last as the significant other.”

Brittany Williams Shared a Heartfelt Message to Josh Allen Following the Bills’ Brutal Playoff Loss

Following one of the most dramatic seasons in Bills’ history, Williams made sure Allen felt the love after the team’s disappointing 27-10 playoff loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. She wrote on her Instagram Stories on January 23, “So proud of this man. You are the most amazing and selfless person I know. Through all the highs of this season and the many trials of adversity your team faced, you remained he same & never wavered. A true leader.”

“The Story is already written,” she continued. “So much to be proud of. So much to be thankful for.”

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