Official Visor Photo of Bills QB Josh Allen Causes a Stir on Social Media

Josh Allen

Getty Bills star Josh Allen take part in the quarterback roundtable prior to Capital One's The Match VI at Wynn Golf Club on June 01, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

To say fans got super hyped for the 2022 NFL season after the Buffalo Bills released the new official photo of quarterback Josh Allen on social media on Wednesday, June 15, would be an understatement.

We’re still 84 days away from Week 1 league opener against the Los Angeles Rams, but after the team’s Twitter and Instagram accounts posted a picture of the 26-year-old superstar in a fresh blue/white uniform while sporting a rainbow-tinted visor, excitement for Allen’s fifth NFL season reached a fever pitch.

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The Bills kept the caption simple and let the sick photo speak for itself: “Season 5.😮‍💨#GoBills | #BillsMafia.” Within two hours, the picture racked up tens of thousands of likes.

The photo caused quite a stir on social media for all of Bills Mafia. Amid the bulk of sexually-inspired comments and memes, 26 Shirts digital promoter Andrew Baglini simple commented, “nsfw,” which was right in live Grills Mafia’s Greg Vorse, who wrote, “Noon on a Wednesday is a good time to get fired for looking at NSFW material, I guess.”

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“Welp. Didn’t plan on getting pregnant today, but here we are,” one man joked, while another person shared a graphic that read, “Heart eyes m***********.”

Can NFL Players Wear Rainbow-Tinted Visors During a Game?

Similar to hundreds of fans who commented, USA Today’s Bradley Gelber tweeted, “The visor needs to find its way into a game.” One man commented on Instagram, “Josh Allen in a visor >>> literally anything.”

While the rainbow flare looks amazing, NFL players aren’t allowed to wear such dark-tinted visors during a game.

SB Nation’s Adam Stite reported, “While clear visors are allowed in games, their tinted counterparts are only permitted for the few players with a rare medical exemption. The NFL tweaked those rules ahead of the 2019 season to allow players to wear slightly tinted shields with a light pinkish hue, but darker ones are still banned.”

As for the medical exceptions, NFL’s Football Operations website states the following:

If a player suffers from migraines or is sensitive to sunlight, he’ll need a medical exemption to put a tinted visor on his helmet as a replacement for the permitted clear visor. The restriction isn’t arbitrary; at times, medical personnel need to see an injured player’s eyes without removing his helmet, and tinted visors interfere with that.

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick tried to wear a dark-tinted visor during a preseason game in 2016 but was forced to remove it since he didn’t seek approval first, as reported by NBC Sports. As for the process of approval, “A player needs to supply appropriate medical documentation which is then reviewed by an independent ophthalmologist for approval.”

An approved uniform look is required by the league, and failure to comply can result in major fines, or a player getting removed from a game until the violation is fixed.

Allen Is Ready to Start Fresh This Season & ‘Keep Finding Ways to Improve’

While Allen put on an MVP-level performance throughout the postseason last year, the Wyoming alum made it clear that at the start of the team’s mandatory minicamp on Tuesday, June 14, he’s looking to come back even better this season.

“This is the game of football,” Allen said, per Bills Wire. “Everything that we did last year and the year before has no effect on what we’re going to do and hope to accomplish this next coming year. So, we’ve got to start fresh and learn how to improve and keep finding ways to improve.”

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