Bills Twitter Rips Falcons QB Matt Ryan for Taunting & Missed TD

Matt Ryan

Getty Matt Ryan #2 of the Atlanta Falcons delivers a pass over the defense of the Buffalo Bills during the second quarter of the game at Highmark Stadium on January 02, 2022.

The Buffalo Bills game against the Atlanta Falcons was an absolute rollercoaster, and it could’ve come down to the wire if quarterback Matt Ryan didn’t put his knee down before attempting a rushing touchdown, or getting hit with a penalty for taunting safety Jordan Poyer.

Why Ryan didn’t just keep rushing into the endzone, especially since he was not in danger of getting tackled, is likely something that will haunt the veteran quarterback for quite some time.

Having the touchdown score taken away and having the 15-yard penalty enforced on the following play — Bills fans couldn’t help but laugh hysterically watching it all unfold.

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News 4 Buffalo reporter Matt Parrino tweeted, “Matt Ryan talking s*** to Jordan Poyer after the TD run was the funniest thing I’ve seen this year. Poyer found it just as funny LOL!”

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“Matt Ryan just taunted Jordan Poyer at the one yard line, lost his team 15 yards and then failed to convert on 3rd and 4th down. Thank you for giving the bills the win,” one fan tweeted.

While Ryan’s faux-pas didn’t do anything to help the Falcons, Bills quarterback Josh Allen and running back Devin Singletary deserve the bulk of the credit for Buffalo’s victory. Together, they combined for 191 yards on the ground and four touchdowns.

Despite Allen’s three interceptions, Atlanta couldn’t get it done. With this Week 17 loss, the Falcons are officially out of playoff contention.

Falcons Fans Did Not Find the Ryan Incident Funny At All

For Falcons fans, they were not amused by that fourth-quarter play and found the referees’ calls to be inconsistent. Even Poyer was shocked by the taunting call.

The Bills safety said during the postgame conference, “It’s a competitive game, I got a lot of respect for Matt Ryan. I didn’t honestly know they got him for the taunting call but it kind of played full circle. We made a good stop at the end.”

One fan tweeted, “Absurd ‘taunting’ penalty on Ryan. Poyer tried to take his head off with crown of his helmet. And no response allowed. What a #NFL joke!”

Weather Channel reporter Mike Bettes was extremely unhappy with the officiating. “Is Matt Ryan “giving himself up” or diving for the end zone?” Bettes tweeted. “Is anytime the QB purposely goes to the ground is the play over? If that’s the case, then why did Poyer hit him while he was down? Shouldn’t there have been a personal foul to go with the taunting? Crap all around.”

Ryan said after the game that he wasn’t trying to give himself up on that overturned TD run,” per Falcons reporter Tori McElhaney. “Said he was disappointed in the timing and that it cost ATL the way it did, but he didn’t think what he said “was anything that bad.”

The Bills Punched Their Ticket to the Postseason After Beating the Falcons & the Ravens Losing

The Bills, after a shaky first half, were able to secure the win 29-15, and with the Baltimore Ravens losing to the Los Angeles Rams, Buffalo has successfully punched their ticket into the postseason.

This is the fourth time over the past five seasons under head coach Sean McDermot that the Bills have made it to the playoffs.

Whether or not the Bills (10-6) can win the AFC East division remains to be decided. Buffalo is now one win or a Patriots loss away from nailing the AFC East title. Next up, the Bills face the New York Jets at Highmark Stadium on Sunday, January 9.

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