Stefon Diggs’ Siblings: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Stefon Diggs

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Stefon Diggs was born to Aron and Stephanie Diggs on November 29, 1993. The Buffalo Bills star grew up with four siblings, three brothers and a sister, in Gaithersburg, Maryland. After his father’s death in 2008, Diggs became a sort of father figure to his two younger brothers.

Here’s what you need to know about Stefon Diggs’ siblings:

1. Stefon Diggs Has 4 Siblings, an Older Sister & a Brother & Two Younger Brothers

Diggs is one of five siblings and one of two born to Stephanie and Aron Diggs. He said he was “excited as f***” when his younger brother Trevon Diggs was born, over four years after him, he told Sports Illustrated.

Diggs has two half-brothers, an older brother named Aron Jr. and a younger brother named Darez Mar’Sean Diggs, on his father’s side, and an older half-sister named Porsche Green on his mother’s side.

Porsche Green shared some memories of growing up with only brothers, including the very competitive Stefon and Trevon Diggs. She said they were once at a “really chill” family reunion when Trevon intercepted a pass to Diggs. “Everyone goes crazy, and Stefon is like, ‘Run it back! That’ll never happen again!’ After that, the cookout was just over,” she shared with Sports Illustrated.

Diggs’ younger brother Trevon is an NFL star himself, with the Dallas Cowboys, while his other younger brother, Mar’Sean, played football as a cornerback at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Diggs was competitive not just with his younger brothers but with his older brother Aron Jr. as well.

“When my dad was around, me and my brother Aron Jr. used to do push-up and sit-up competitions every night, because that’s something our dad encouraged us to do,” the Bills star wrote for The Players’ Tribune. “We used to have challenges to see who could do 100, who could do 1,000. (No one can do 1,000, but we’d try.) I was the younger brother, so I would try my hardest but still come up short of Aron, who was older and stronger.”

As for his younger half-brother Mar’Sean, Diggs said he didn’t see him that often before his father’s death, as he lived in a neighboring town and went to a different school, the Athletic reported. After their father’s death, Diggs had Mar’Sean over every week. “It went from not really seeing Stefon much to seeing him all the time,” Mar’Sean Diggs told the publication.

“He just took us under his wing, knowing we didn’t have a father figure,” Mar’Sean Diggs shared with Twin Cities Pioneer Press. “Just took on that role, basically. Guiding us, providing for us, being there when we needed him. Everything. Being a brother and a father. That’s tough. That’s a lot to ask of somebody that young.” In fact, Diggs became the father figure for not just his younger half-brother but Trevon Diggs as well.

2. Stefon Diggs Became Like a Father to Both His Younger Brothers After His Father’s Death

Diggs became a father figure for not just his two younger brothers but started taking care of his whole family after his father’s death in 2008.

Once Diggs signed a five-year contract extension with the Minnesota Vikings in 2018, he got emotional as he told the Pioneer Press, “It means a lot to me because my dad sat me down a couple months before he passed away. He just told me, ‘Look after your (three) brothers. Look after your mom. Look after your family.’ That meant a lot to me. With this day coming forward, it just came full circle. I have a lot of emotions.”

Diggs was able to do that not just financially when he made it to the NFL, but as someone that his younger brother Trevon Diggs could look up to. “[Stefon] is like my dad, honestly,” the Dallas Cowboys star told ESPN. “He was there for me when my father passed, so he has always taken care of me. I always ask him everything, no matter what. Two o’clock in the morning, I’m asking him questions. I called him last night, every day, about this process and how he managed it.”

Trevon Diggs said that seeing his brother going through the recruitment process and the start of his NFL career made him learn a lot. “I feel like that probably kept me out of trouble, being right there with him. He’s looking after me, he’s got his teammates making sure I’m straight,” he told Sports Illustrated. “And I never made no bad decisions, no bad choices. I just watched him. Just watching and learning.”

Diggs said he wished he’d had someone like himself to guide him as he’d been doing for his younger brother but was happy to be able to help him on his path. “Not having a father is big,” he told USA Today. “You need guidance. I know, personally, when my father died, I needed guidance, I needed somebody to show me how to be a man, how to grow up, basically how to do the right thing.”

He said his brothers Mar’Sean and Trevon “look up” to him and he would never want to change that because of a bad decision he made. “They call me when they need something or have a question about something,” he added. “My little brothers can ask me any question in the world, and if I’ve got the answer I’m going to give it to them.”

When it came to choosing a college, Diggs picked the University of Maryland as he wanted to stay close to home for his younger brothers. “I wanted to be close to them so I could go home and chew them out if they were doing anything they weren’t supposed to,” he wrote for the Players’ Tribune. “Even though Aron Jr. was around too, I wanted to be that father figure that they didn’t have. I wanted them to be able to come to the Maryland games, come to my dorm room, and see everything that college was all about.”

Trevon Diggs feels the same way about his older brother, calling him his “father figure” in an interview with the Dallas Morning News. “It’s just amazing that I have him in my life,” he shared. “I’m going to share this moment with him and my family and just enjoy it because those were the ones who were there for me when I was little. I’ve been the baby of the family so I didn’t want them to take care of me. I’m just going to cherish this moment with my family.”

3. Stefon Diggs & Trevon Diggs Were Very Competitive With Each Other Growing Up & Still Spend the NFL Offseason Together

The competition between Stefon and Trevon Diggs when they grew up was a key part in shaping the two into the star wide receiver and cornerback that they are today. “I think he’s the best receiver; he thinks I’m the best DB,” Trevon Diggs told Sports Illustrated. “So when we compete, we’re going against the best, and that happens to be my brother.”

The Bills star said the two competed in everything, but while they’re both competitive people by nature, it was never a nasty rivalry or “coming from a bad place,” he explained.

During the offseason, the two will often work out together followed by a game of basketball to keep up the competition. “A spitting contest, they’re still gonna battle to win,” Diggs’ agent Adisa Bakari told the publication in 2022. “[Not long ago] they were both talking about picking up golf clubs and debating who would be better.”

The NFL stars’ mother Stephanie Diggs shared that Diggs is a lot more talkative than his younger brother and that’s carried over to trash-talking. “Stefon will be doing a lot of trash-talking, because he wants to prove that Tre could never beat him,” she shared. “But I think he’ll also get emotional. Like, ‘After all the hard work, after everything I put into him, my little brother is here in the league, too.’”

4. Stefon & Trevon Diggs Faced Each Other for the 1st Time in Their Football Careers at the NFL Pro Bowl in 2022

The two brothers faced off for the first time in their professional football careers at the Pro Bowl in 2022. Diggs was selected for the AFC, making it his second appearance at the event, while his younger brother made his Pro Bowl debut, with the NFC.

“[Both of us making the Pro Bowl is] probably one of my favorite moments of this year, for real, because that’s my brother. I love him to death and just being able to go up there with him, that’s fire,” Trevon Diggs shared with ESPN.

Diggs said he was “more proud than anything” when he heard that his brother had made the Pro Bowl, adding, “I saw his picture and I saw his face, I saw him in the Cowboys [jersey], I’m like, yeah, that’s my little brother.”

As for their mother Stephanie Diggs, she joked with the publication that she’d likely cheer for Trevon Diggs over his older brother. “Since Stefon talks so much trash, I want the little brother to take the big brother,” she said.

5. Stefon & Trevon Diggs Are Both Fathers & Their Children Were Born Just Over 2 Weeks Apart

In addition to their NFL careers bringing Trevon and Stefon Diggs closer together, the two are also fathers and their children are very close in age. Diggs’ daughter Nova was born on October 14, 2016, while Trevon Diggs’ son Aaiden was born on November 1, 2016. Aaiden Diggs has already become a fan favorite with Cowboys supporters for his comments in interviews and videos.

Stephanie Diggs said that the Bills star and his nephew Aaiden have the two biggest personalities on “Hard Knocks.” As for Diggs, he said his daughter Nova is very similar to his younger brother Trevon and both are soft-spoken. “When I look at her, I’m like, ‘Whoa, you act just like Tre,’” he shared with Sports Illustrated.

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