Tom Brady Could End Retirement to Join Bills’ Rival: ‘100% in Play’

Tom Brady, Josh Allen

Getty Bills quarterback Josh Allen and Tom Brady #12 of the New England Patriots meet on the field after the New England Patriots defeated the Buffalo Bills 24-12 at Gillette Stadium on December 23, 2018.

The Buffalo Bills may not have seen the last of Tom Brady.

The former New England quarterback, who tormented the Bills for the better part of two decades, announced his second and presumably final retirement after the conclusion of last season. Brady had already announced his retirement following the 2021 season, but changed his mind shortly afterward and came back to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for another season.

Now, New England Patriots radio broadcaster Scott Zolak believes Brady is considering coming back again — this time to play for a different rival of the Bills.

Tom Brady’s Retirement Could Be Over Soon

The rumors regarding Brady’s potential comeback started with Rich Eisen, who reported chatter at the NFL combine that he was considering a move to the Dolphins. NFL reporter Dov Kleiman tweeted Eisen’s speculation, which prompted a response and apparent denial from Brady.

“Anyone who thinks I have time to come back to the NFL has never adopted a 2 month old kitten for their daughter,” Brady tweeted.

Zolak wasn’t buying it. Speaking on 98.5 The Sports Hub’s “Zolak and Bertrand” show, he said Brady’s tweet may have been a smokescreen and that a move to the Dolphins is definitely a possibility for Brady.

“Brady may go to Miami. I think that’s in play. I do,” Zolak said. “I think the possibility of him coming out of retirement is definitely 100% in play. You can sit there and look at the kitten tweet from yesterday. Don’t buy that.”

“This isn’t me saying it. This isn’t someone close to Brady,” Zolak added. “It started with Rich Eisen. Eisen’s at the Super Bowl. Multiple people dropped the hints. Colin Cowherd, he knows some FOX people. I don’t think he’s gonna call games. How does that deal get done? How do you sign a guy to that?”

Tom Brady Bringing Trouble for the Bills?

Brady racked up a 33-3 record against the Bills during his career as the Patriots dominated the AFC East for most of the 2000s and 2010s. If he were to return to the AFC East, it could pose a major threat to the Bills and their newfound supremacy in the division.

Though the Bills have won the AFC East for three consecutive seasons, the Dolphins issued a challenge last year thanks to an explosive and well-rounded offense. They traded for wide receiver Tyreek Hill to go along with Jaylen Waddle, and nearly took down the Bills in the Super Wild Card round despite playing with third-string rookie quarterback Skylar Thompson.

The Dolphins have faced some question marks at quarterback, as Tua Tagovailoa was in MVP considering early in the season but suffered a season-ending concussion that revived fears of his durability.

Despite the concerns, Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel issued a strong endorsement for Tagovailoa for the future.

“You guys know how I feel about Tua. That hasn’t changed at all,” McDaniel said. “I think we all see him as the leader of this team. When it’s appropriate for him to lead the team, we’ll jump on that opportunity. He’s a great player with only improvement in front of him as well.”