Bills WR Stefon Diggs’ Brother Sparks Trade Rumors With IG Post

Stefon Diggs Trevon Diggs

Getty Brothers Stefon and Trevon Diggs compete against each other in the NFL Pro Bowl's flag football game.

Trevon Diggs is no longer being subtle about his desire for his brother to join him on the Dallas Cowboys.

Trevon has been flirting with the idea of the Buffalo Bills wide receiving joining him in Dallas, and on February 16 took to Instagram to deliver a direct message. Trevon shared an edited photo of Stefon Diggs wearing a Cowboys jersey, sparking a big reaction among fans.

The post was just the latest effort from the Cowboys cornerback to try to pry his older brother away from Buffalo.

Trevon Diggs Pushes for Bills Trade

As the Fort Worth Star-Telegram noted, Trevon has for several weeks been pushing the idea of the Cowboys trading for his brother. In an appearance on the Blogging the Boys podcast, Trevon Diggs even called on other Cowboys fans to help push for the move.

“We need Cowboys Nation to go and help and tweet to get bro here,” Trevon Diggs said. “We need everyone to know. We need to put it on notice that we need to get bro to Dallas.”

The report noted that some of the rumors started after Stefon Diggs showed some discontent over the way the Bills’ season ended. Diggs was seen growing upset on the sidelines during the team’s divisional-round loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, and reportedly left the locker room in a rush following the game.

Stefon Diggs later opened up to f ans in a series of tweets, saying he was upset with the outcome of the game.

“It’s easy to criticize my reaction more than the result,” he wrote. “Want me to be okay with our level of play when it’s not up to the standard? Nah”

Diggs added, “Want me to be okay with losing? Nah”

Stefon Diggs Addresses Brother’s Trade Campaign

Stefon Diggs was asked about Trevon’s trade campaign during an appearance on the USA Today Sports Show at Super Bowl 57 Radio Row. The Bills receiver said the campaign is partly aimed at getting his attention and playing into their lifelong dream to play together.

“I always wanted to be with my brother,” Diggs said. “He knows that though, so he’s playing on the heartstrings a little bit.”

Stefon Diggs added that his brother might also just want some company in Dallas.

“It would be fun,” Diggs said. “My brother is kind of a quiet person so he doesn’t talk to too many people. So, that’s probably part of the reason he wants me there. He probably has like… a couple of friends, you know?”

While the campaign may be mostly tongue-in-cheek, Bills fans likely remember that it was an errant social media post that triggered his trade to Buffalo in the first place. Bills general manager Brandon Beane said that then-assistant general manager Joe Schoen noticed a tweet from Diggs in 2020 that seemed to show he was ready to move on from the Minnesota Vikings.

The Bills had been interested in trading for Diggs in the past without going through with it, but the tweet prompted them to check again.

“I was on the phone with an agent about something else,” Beane recalled in an interview with The Athletic. “Joe Schoen came to me and said, ‘There’s some tweets out there, and Diggs might be looking for a way out. Can I call Minnesota?’ He came back to me a few minutes later after talking to George Paton, their assistant GM at the time. They weren’t shopping him, but it wasn’t the same response we got the previous fall. They said they weren’t planning to move him, but they’d listen.”

The talks progressed from there, and the Bills and Vikings ended up closing out a deal in March 2020 that sent Diggs and a seventh-round pick to Buffalo in exchange for first-, fifth- and sixth-round picks in 2020 plus a fourth-round pick in 2021.