WR Allen Robinson Sends a Few Strong Messages to Bears

Chicago Bears WR Allen Robinson

Getty WR Allen Robinson II of the Chicago Bears.

Allen Robinson has a few things he’d like the Chicago Bears to know: He would appreciate a long-term deal, thank you very much — and he also has no plans to sign the franchise tag the team recently placed on him — at least not right away. Negotiations between the 27-year-old wide receiver and the team have been at a stalemate since last September, and instead of securing his services for the next several seasons, the Bears slapped an $18 million franchise tag on him instead. Now, the wideout is using his voice via social media to express his thoughts on his situation.

On Friday, A-Rob Tweeted the following video, which features some pretty revealing content, including clips of analysts imploring the Bears to “pay him” and put some respect next to his name intercut with highlights of him making the incredible plays Bears fans have been lucky to witness on a week-by-week basis over the last three seasons. You can watch the full 2 minute and 20 second clip below:

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Robinson Has ‘No Plans’ to Sign Franchise Tag, Per ESPN

In a segment on ESPN’s SportsCenter on Sunday, analyst Jeremy Fowler reported that A-Rob isn’t planning on signing the franchise tag. Fowler also suggested the situation could “drag out” in the coming months. Here’s what Fowler said about where the wideout stands currently, via Bleacher Report:

Allen Robinson, I’m told, has zero plans to sign his franchise tag in the immediate future. So considering their contract negotiations in the fall did not go well, this could drag out a long while where Robinson doesn’t show up, doesn’t sign that tag. Because when they talked in the past, the Bears made clear they have no plans to give him that top dollar at wide receiver. You know, that $20 million range that the best players now get. So not only would Robinson like to see that change, he’d like some clarity on the quarterback situation as well. He’s had spotty play there the last three years in Chicago, and there’s no clear-cut answer on the roster right now. And so, Robinson has that $18 million tag waiting for him whenever he does sign—if he signs.

The likely outcome unless the Bears sign him to a long-term deal, then, is that Robinson will sit out of all organized team activities, and likely the preseason, as well, since he can do so without getting fined.

The most interesting part of Fowler’s report, however, was that Robinson would like some clarity at who will be under center for the Bears moving forward.

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About the Bears’ QB Position…

One thing to consider is if the Bears manage to land a quarterback with the talent and pedigree of Russell Wilson, it should have a positive effect on the receiver’s negotiations with the team. A-Rob has never played with a quarterback not named Blake Bortles, Mitch Trubisky, Chase Daniel or Nick Foles, so if Chicago defies the odds and lands Wilson, expect Robinson and the team to come to terms a bit more quickly.

Unless things are broken beyond repair, that is. There have been no indications that’s the case, but it’s clear Robinson passed frustrated 10 miles ago, and now he’s ready to sit back and see what his team is going to do for him — and for itself.

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