QB Kellen Mond on Leadership, the Draft & His Incredible Family History

QB Kellen Mond NFL Draft

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Regardless of where he is selected in the upcoming NFL Draft, quarterback Kellen Mond is one of the most intriguing players in it. With the draft taking place in just a few days, the young quarterback’s life is about to change in a big way, and his stock has been rising of late. A four-year starter at Texas A&M, Mond is one of the most experienced quarterbacks entering the draft this year, and he has improved his game each season while also giving impressive performances at the Senior Bowl and on his Pro Day.

The former Aggies signal-caller spoke to Heavy Tuesday morning about a number of things, including his incredible family history, why he scripted his own Pro Day and what he can bring to any NFL team that’s looking to add a quarterback.

‘The Way You Do Small Things is the Way You Do All Things’

Mond’s father Kevin is a veteran of the United States Army, and 12 family members of his family have served in the military, with over 100 years of combined service. It’s a background that has shaped him in more ways than one, and Mond spoke to me about what it meant coming from such a strong line of service.

“In the military, you lead by example, you pay attention to details,” Mond said, noting that’s also how he approaches the quarterback position. When asked what traits he learned from his family’s military background, he listed several: “Accountability, for sure. Discipline, commitment — and the ability to take ownership of yourself and of your identity.”

The dual-threat quarterback shared the following video on Twitter, highlighting some of the values he learned from his father that he has now applied to his game, with a primary one being: “The way you do small things is the way you do all things.”

Mond’s Leadership Style Makes Him Stand Out

I asked Mond about his decision to script his own Pro Day, which is something very few quarterbacks have ever done. After taking a ton of snaps from shotgun at A&M, Mond decidedly switched it up, throwing more from under center while also displaying an impressive array of different throws. He wowed all in attendance, and it’s a big reason his name has been climbing up draft boards. “I went into it knowing I was gonna be aggressive and throw everything with 100 percent confidence,” Mond said.

“A lot of quarterbacks, they have their own quarterback guru, or whatever you want to call it,” he added, but instead of having someone else design the way he showcased his skill set, Mond did it himself, and it paid off. “I just wanted to show, No. 1, true leadership, and my ability to have command and knowledge of the game,” he noted.

What does Mond think makes him stand apart from other quarterbacks entering the draft? “Partially just me having a lot of experience and my knowledge of the game. Forty-seven games of experience I think kind of speaks for itself,” he said. “I think I’ve shown what I can do, going 9-1 in the SEC last year, being Senior Bowl MVP, and then having a phenomenal Pro Day, I feel like that says a lot.”

It certainly does. Another thing that speaks volumes? His ability to step back and analyze his game critically. “One of the best attributes about me is I can be self-critical,” Mond said. “That’s something a lot of people can’t really do, but I always try to look at my game and see how I can get better. I try to be professional in everything that I do.”

As he noted, Mond went 9-1 with the Aggies as a senior last year, a season that culminated with a 41-27 win over North Carolina in the Orange Bowl. Now, he’s taking his game to the next level, and based on what he has done in college, he’ll be one of the more fascinating prospects to watch for years to come.

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