QB Swap May Be Coming in Bears’ Rumored Blockbuster Trade

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Getty Bears QBs Nick Foles and Mitchell Trubisky

Could Nick Foles’ days already be numbered with the Chicago Bears? Rumors have been flying left and right, most coming from the Philadelphia Eagles‘ side, linking current Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz to the Bears. Windy City Gridiron’s Brandon Robinson broke the news of Chicago’s rumored interest in Wentz first on Friday, and it gained more than a little momentum and support after that.

Saturday, numerous members of the media covering the Eagles added wrinkles to the Wentz-to-the-Bears rumors, none of which have been verified by either team. Natalie Egenolf of NBC Sports Philadelphia, a respected source, set Twitter on fire when she suggested the Bears were trading Foles, a first-round draft pick and another offensive player in exchange for Wentz. She then named running back Tarik Cohen as the offensive player.

Not to be outdone, Cohen took to Twitter himself Saturday evening to shoot the rumor down, saying he spoke to both Bears general manager Ryan Pace and head coach Matt Nagy, and was assured he’s going nowhere:

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Foles on the other hand? If there is heft to the Wentz trade rumors — and it certainly seems as though there is — he’s likely a goner.

Multiple Sources Say Nick Foles is Part of Wentz Trade

The one common element of this rumor is that Foles will likely be part of the deal — if there is a deal. Until the Bears actually sign a new signal-caller, the rumors will persist, and while Cohen shot down his potential involvement in the trade, not one analyst or insider has denied Foles’ possible inclusion.

Robinson, who initially Tweeted that the Bears were ready to send a first-rounder to Philly for Wentz, revealed more information about the potential trade that is gaining momentum by the minute.

Via Brandon Lee Gowton of Bleeding Green Nation, Robinson told 670 The Score’s Joe Ostrowski that the Bears were currently “Trying to get Foles out of [Chicago] with this deal. … And that probably has to do more with Wentz and basically how he’s a diva than it has to do with the cap. … With the perception I have heard from Wentz, there’s no way that [Foles being on the team] could possibly happen.”

Interesting. Considering the way things went down in Philadelphia previously — you know, with Foles getting traded to the Jacksonville Jaguars after winning a Super Bowl with the Eagles as Wentz’s backup, and all — Robinson may be right.

Robinson also noted that the Bears may be considering trading next year’s first-round pick as opposed to this year’s if they do deal for Wentz, and that he has heard nothing about the inclusions of Cohen or Eagles tight end Zach Ertz:

Another common theme amongst all these rumors? Several analysts are suggesting a deal will be done and announced by Monday or Tuesday.

Bears Believe Wentz is a ‘Generational Talent’

Robinson also told Ostrowski that the Bears believe Wentz can take them to the next level, despite coming off the worst statistical season of his five-year career. He completed just over 57 percent of his passes for 2,620 yards, 16 touchdowns and 15 interceptions in 2020. To be fair, the Eagles had an offensive line decimated by injury, and their offensive weapons were virtually non-existent all season.

Still, the much-maligned Mitch Trubisky had a better 2020 season than Wentz did — and yet, Robinson says Chicago thinks Wentz may be the answer:

The Bears want him … it’s because the organization still believes — and I know this for a fact — that he still has a generational talent. And the fact that he has a generational talent and they have a quarterback coach who worked with Wentz, had a great relationship with Wentz, unlike the reports that were out there, and his best years were under John DeFilippo, they think they can have some resurgence in his career. Because, really, he had an awful year. But when you consider how much distaste he had for the coaching staff and him literally doing his own thing on the field, calling his own plays and calling his own shots, anybody that knows anything about football and how it works, you would expect him to play bad. So they think if they can get everything right with him, and move forward with the situation, they can get his career back on track.

We’ll know soon enough how serious the Bears are about bringing the former North Dakota State quarterback in — and we’ll also see whether Foles really was a one-season wonder in Chicago. Stay tuned, Bears fans. This is only the beginning.

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