Browns GM Teases That They’re Not Done Making Moves


In a new interview, Cleveland Browns’ general manager Andrew Berry said that they may not be done finalizing the roster just yet

Andrew Berry Said They Want to Put the ‘Finishing Touches’ on the Browns Roster

In his radio interview with ESPN Cleveland, Berry said that spring ball is going really well so far, but they’re “still trying to put the finishing touches” on the roster.

“We’re excited to have our guys back in the building. They’re really going through — I’m going to call it spring ball, it’s basically spring ball. And then it’s a heavy period from a staffing standpoint for us because that’s when you have maybe the most turnover or you’re retaining your staff across football operations,” said Berry.

He added, “And then you’re also still trying to put the finishing touches on your roster. We signed or agreed to terms with Rodney McLeod today. There may be some other things that we’re looking to do either on the veteran market or trade market over the next several weeks.”

Berry said that once they get to minicamp in June, that’s when he feels like he can finally slow down a little bit.

“Once you get to veteran minicamp, it really is like a phew, OK, you can catch your breath a little bit. And that doesn’t mean you won’t have some outstanding business with the team, but that’s a period where I really try and unplug,” said Berry.

He also has said that at veteran minicamp, everyone better be ready to compete for their job.

“I think if, for any player that comes in the NFL, if you’re not ready to come compete for your job, then it’s just not the league and it’s not the sport for you. That’s the reality for young players, rookies and vets. That’s just kind of the way it is and that’s kind of the way that we’ll build out the roster,” Berry said in his post-draft press conference.

Berry Also Said They Expect ‘A Lot’ Out of Quarterback Deshaun Watson This Season

In the interview, Berry was also asked about quarterback Deshaun Watson, who had a rough few games in 2022 when he came back from his suspension after not having played in two years. Berry admitted that they “expect a lot” from Watson.

“We expect a lot out of Deshaun this year,” said Berry, adding, “I think having a full offseason under his belt, familiarity with his offensive teammates, familiarity with the playbook and the staff, plus the different things that we’ll add to the offense that really emphasize his physical skills, we think it’ll be a smooth transition.”

But he also admitted that expectations can be as high as you want, but no one really knows what will happen until they’ve played the games. Still, they are “optimistic” about Watson this year.

“Now, the reality of it is none of us really know and every season’s different, every season’s unique, but we’re optimistic,” said Berry. “He’s worked his tail off, he’s spent a lot of time with his teammates, a lot of time with his coaches and he’s a very, very gifted football player, so we’re excited once we actually really hit the grass and have formal practices.”

Team owner Jimmy Haslam has made it clear what he expects out of the team this year — the playoffs.

“I don’t want to say that [it’s the playoffs or else], but I think that we have expectations to go to the playoffs,” Haslam told’s Mary Kay Cabot at the annual NFL meeting in March. “But I’m not going to say if we don’t make the playoffs, X, Y, Z happens because that’ll be the headline tomorrow. Listen, the AFC is tough. You’ve all been around. Our division is tough.”

He added, “You all know how hard it is to win in the NFL. We certainly do. So I think everybody has a sense of urgency that we need to play well this year.”

For his part, Watson knows it’s time to show that he’s still an elite-level quarterback. He said in a recent Instagram video, “I ain’t nowhere close. I’m just getting started.”

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