Browns QB Jacoby Brissett Put on Notice After Loss to Chargers

Jacoby Brissett

Getty Images Jacoby Brissett of the Cleveland Browns.

Another costly late-game interception by Jacoby Brissett proved costly for the Cleveland Browns in a 30-28 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday and the veteran QB heard about it after the game.

While the interception didn’t end up being the only reason the Browns lost the game, it was a big reason. Set up inside the red zone, Brissett rolled out and tossed the ball right into the waiting hands of Chargers defensive back Alohi Gilman at the goal line.

The Browns had another chance to win the game late after a failed fourth-down conversion by the Chargers, but the boot from rookie kicker Cade York went wide for his second miss of the day.

“Jacoby Brissett with a great afternoon, doing things that Baker Mayfield would never. Then does exactly what Baker would do and throws a late interception. Somehow Cleveland get the ball back and within FG range, and York misses the kick,” one critic wrote on Twitter. “Browns gonna Brown man. Wow.”

Brissett has now tossed three interceptions this season — all coming on late-game drives. But the turnover against the Chargers was inexplicable considering the situation.

“Wow, Jacoby Brissett with one of the dumbest throws I’ve seen this season,” another user wrote. “Probably could have run it in, and even if he didn’t a field goal takes the lead.

Some pointed the Browns and head coach Kevin Stefanski not leaning more heavily on the run game, which racked up 213 yards led by Nick Chubb.

“All credit due to Jacoby Brissett for playing his best, but I’ll never understand why Kevin Stefanski consistently outsmarts himself,” Jamil Smith of the LA Times tweeted. “The Browns have arguably the best rushing attack in the entire NFL, yet he always leaves it up to his backup quarterback to win football games.”

Jacoby Brissett on Interception: ‘I’m Better Than That’

Most level-headed Browns fans recognize that Brissett’s overall body of work over five games is better than expected as he fills in for Deshaun Watson. However, the late-game troubles have haunted the Browns during their 2-3 start, Brissett’s latest interception playing a big part in that.

“It sucks. It really sucks. That’s a pivotal moment in the game and obviously the ball’s in my hand for a reason,” Brissett said after the game. “That was not the outcome that I was intending to happen. I’m just better than that. I truly am. Be better next time”

Brissett said he has faith the Browns can still turn things around and gave credit to the fans in Cleveland for making things tough for the Chargers.

“They [fans] kept us in the game. A couple miscommunications on their side because of what our fans were doing,” Brissett said. “It’s tough to leave this stadium without a win. It’s going to turn. It’s going to turn. I trust the men in that room, the coaches”

Kicker Cade York Continues to Struggle

The Browns drafted York in the fourth round to put their kicking woes behind them, but the rookie has had a tough time since booming a 58-yard game-winner in Week 1.

He missed a pair of field goals against the Chargers and has also missed a pair of extra points.

“With a young player, you focus on getting better each day,” Stefanski said. “We’re not losing confidence in him and he’s not losing confidence in himself. It’s not an easy place to kick in. We’ll be counting on him next week and the week after that.”

Brissett also backed his kicker, not wanting to single out any single person for the loss, acknowledging his interception at the goal line.

“Ultimate trust in Cade and our field goal unit. It’s more than that play that caused the outcome of this game,” Brissett said. “I threw a pick in the red zone and we were about to go score. It’s definitely not on one person.”

The Browns, York and Brissett will look to rebound next week against the Patriots with a chance to move back to .500.

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