Browns Veteran Calls Out Teammates After Latest Loss

John Johnson III

Getty Images Browns safety John Johnson III of the Cleveland Browns.

The Cleveland Browns are reeling after three losses in a row and safety John Johnson III questioned the team’s commitment to winning ahead of a Week 7 matchup against the Baltimore Ravens.

Johnson did not hold back when asked about the team’s recent struggles, citing a commitment to the cause as the most significant issue.

“Yeah, it’s a commitment thing,” Johnson said on Wednesday. “When practice is over and our day is done, you can’t just run out of the building and forget about your job. I think we need everyone in this building to really be 100% in on the task at hand. Right now, I think we’re at a place where that’s not the case.

“So whatever we gotta do to get as many guys, if not everyone in on the same page I think that’s what it is. Because that’s the only way things are going to change.”

Browns Highly-Touted Defense Has Been Inconsistent

The Browns have some glaring issues that need attention, particularly on the defensive side of the ball, where miscommunications and miscues have allowed opponents to break open big plays. Through six weeks, the Browns ranked 23rd in yards allowed per game (361.3).

The Browns are giving up 229.8 through the air, which might not appear to be terrible, but when you consider the quarterbacks they’ve played — which includes Baker Mayfield, Joe Flacco, Mitch Trubisky, Marcus Mariota and Bailey Zappe — it’s not great.

“The numbers are going to be the numbers,” Obviously, we want to be the best. We are far from that right now, but what is most important is winning,” Johnson said. “We have two games coming up — division games. I think if we win both, we will be in first place. As bad as we are playing, that is the big picture, and that is what we are trying to focus on.”

Johnson has played decent, albeit he’s had his own issues at times. He has 29 tackles and has allowed eight receptions on 15 targets.

Browns Face Crucial Matchup Against Ravens

The Browns sit at just 2-4 but are just one game behind AFC North leaders Baltimore and Cincinnati. They’ll see both division foes over the next two weeks, which will really sort out where they sit after eight weeks.

“The only way is up. I think that is the mindset to have, and that is the mindset we are taking,” quarterback Jacoby Brissett said on October 19. “Listen, we have done a lot of good stuff throughout this year so not taking away from that. It is just about this week, and whatever we can do to find a way for this week is our mindset. That is what [Kevin Stefanski] has been preaching to us, and that is what we are taking forward.”

The Browns are hoping to stay within striking distance when Deshaun Watson returns to the lineup on December 4 following an 11-game suspension. Brissett has struggled in recent weeks, with four interceptions in his last four games, increasing calls for the Browns to turn to Joshua Dobbs to give the offense a spark.

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