Browns Star Myles Garrett Breaks Silence After Latest Injury

Myles Garrett

Getty Images Browns star pass-rusher Myles Garrett.

Myles Garrett isn’t too concerned about his latest injury, with the Cleveland Browns star joking about the situation on social media.

Garrett dislocated his toe while racing in an obstacle course event during the Pro Bowl. He limped off the field after the event but the toe popped back into place, per ESPN. Garrett also made it clear he’s not having any issues with the toe with a humorous tweet on Tuesday.

“Me reading the Pro Bowl script,” Garrett tweeted, posting a picture of himself looking at his phone. “Appreciate everyone checking in, we are all good over here. Go Browns.”

The tweet is in reference to a viral clip of former Houston Texans running back Arian Foster joking on his podcast “Macrodosing” that the NFL is scripted.

Garrett Played Through Injuries Last Season

Garrett’s toe might not be an issue but he’s appreciating the offseason after playing through injuries during the 2022 campaign. The powerful pass-rusher suffered a shoulder sprain and biceps strain when he crashed his car after practice in late September.

He appeared to re-aggravate the injury in December during an overtime victory against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He made no qualms about playing through the pain with the Browns fighting for their playoff lives at the time.

“It hurt really bad,” Garrett said in his postgame press conference. “I almost thought I broke something initially, but just in my head there is no tomorrow. I can’t be focused on ‘I’ll get better tomorrow or let’s focus on the next game.’ There’s just the next play, and that’s all that’s in my mind. I have to continue playing regardless of how much pain I was feeling pain — pain I am feeling. There’s only one opportunity for greatness. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. I just wanted it really bad. I wanted it bad for us.”

New DC Jim Schwartz Expects Big Things Out of Garrett

Garrett was named to his fourth Pro Bowl this season after notching 16 sacks, routinely battling through multiple blockers as one of the most double-teamed edge players in the league. He might have also been the victim of some uncalled holds.

“It almost feels sometimes like we are being like targeted to not be called for these holds or for them not to be called with holding,” Garrett said in December. “I don’t understand the reasoning or the logic behind it because they are obvious holds, not just on me but on us as a D line. I think we have the fewest of the league. They are out there, they are apparent and yet we don’t get credit for them.”

Garrett will have a new coordinator calling the plays and shaping the defense in Jim Schwartz, who was hired in January to take over for Joe Woods. Schwartz has made a career out of getting the most out of his pass-rushers and expects to do the same with Garrett.

“It is my job to give him some answers and to be able to put some pieces scheme-wise and personnel-wise around him to allow him to be free and more productive,” Schwartz said during his introductory presser. “When I say more productive, what? [16] sacks? That answers your question; the bar is set really high for a good reason.”

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