Browns Coach Breaks Silence on Odell Beckham’s Future

Getty Browns receivers Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham Jr.

The Cleveland Browns are spending a pretty penny at the wide receiver position next season between Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry, but head coach Kevin Stefanski feels like his team is in a “good place” when it comes to their pass-catchers.

Stefanski joined the Keyshawn, Will and Zubin show and discussed the future of Beckham and Landry in Cleveland.

“I think we can, yeah,” Stefanski told former NFL receiver Keyshawn Johnson when asked if the Browns could keep both receivers despite their large cap hits. “I think you don’t want to be so dogmatic about it and say, ‘All right. We have to have this number of receivers and this number of tight ends and this running back.’ I think you go with what you have and you make sure that you’re putting yourself in position to field a competitive roster for a bunch of years moving forward.”

Stefanski on Roster Situation: ‘We’re in a Good Spot’

Getty ImagesBrowns head coach Kevin Stefanski.

When asked about the future of certain members of the roster, the company line for the Browns has been that they want to collect as many talented players as possible. But Cleveland has some big decisions to make as they look to improve on the defensive side of the ball after investing heavily on offense over the last three offseason.

Beckham and Landry alone would eat up more than 15% of the Browns total cap space with their 30.5 million combined cap hit.

Beckham is scheduled to make $15.75 million this season, with $12.791 million of it guaranteed for injury. Landry carries a $13.253 million salary, but just a $3 million dead cap hit.

“I think we’re in a good spot. The easy part to say is, ‘Hey, just give us more players. Give us three more great players on the offensive side, and give us three players on the defensive side, and we’re going to spend this amount on each guy.’ I think we have a plan. We’ll follow through with that plan.

“But ultimately as coaches, we’ll make it work with whatever we go to,” Stefanski said. “And I say that because sometimes you have a season, I’ve been a part of some teams in the past where you had four great receivers, so you molded your offense to that, or you had three great tight ends, and you molded your offense to that. So that’s our job as coaches to take what we have on our roster and make sure we’re maximizing everybody’s talents.”

Jarvis Landry’s Cryptic Tweet Sparked Concerns

While there has been lots of speculation around Beckham’s future in Cleveland, Landry has mostly avoided any of that talk. However, the 28-year-old Landry sparked some concerns when he tweeted last month: “If One Door Closes… That Means Bigger Ones Are About To Open.”

Landry played through injury last season with a cracked rib but was still the team’s leading receiver, snagging 72 catches for 840 yards and three touchdowns. It was a fairly mediocre year by his standards, coming in with his lowest reception total since his rookie season.

Browns general manager Andrew Berry could only laugh when asked about the tweet.

“You’re going to have to ask him,” Berry told reporters. “He played really well for us last year. He’s one of our team leaders. Unfortunately, I don’t follow him on Twitter. We like Jarvis a lot.”

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