Browns WR Odell Beckham Ribs Myles Garrett After Big Day

Getty Images Myles Garrett of the Cleveland Browns.

Myles Garrett was a monster against the Chicago Bears on Sunday, amassing a Cleveland Browns franchise 4.5 sacks during a 26-6 victory.

Nearly everyone was incredibly impressed with the former top overall pick, who called out his defense coming into the matchup for lack of pressure on the QB. Well, everyone but Odell Beckham Jr. who wanted to see more from Garrett.

“He needs 6 to 7 to impress me,” Beckham said jokingly before getting more serious.

“It’s incredible. To me, he’s that one. The things he can do are absolutely incredible. Day in and day out I watch him,” Beckham said. “I used to challenge him and say, ‘can you have more sacks than I have touchdowns.’ I just know that’s not a good race to be in. It’d be very hard to keep up with him.”

The Browns defense as a whole sacked Bears QB Justin Fields nine times, allowing just 47 total yards. The strong defensive showing allowed the Browns to nearly double up the Bears in terms of time of possession and notch just 1 net passing yard.

“It is awesome seeing everybody getting off and making big plays. It is just like when you are in high school, everybody is balling and you feel like you can make a play at any time and you feel like you are the star,” Garrett told reporters in his postgame press conference. “Everybody wants to feel like that on the field. We are picking for each other, we are working games with each other and helping each other make plays. That is how it is supposed to be. You are supposed to work in tandem, and that is what it looked like today.”

Defense Responds After Myles Garrett Call Out

The performance from the Browns defense was uneven at best through the first two weeks of the season. Garrett was not happy about his unit’s production and let them know during a press conference leading up to the Week 3 matchup against the Bears.

“For me, it’s tough watching my teammates not be able to make a play because when I see an offense keying on me with chips and stuff like that, I’m just like ‘Well they’re taking a player out of the play to stop me, so we have one-on-one,’” Garrett told reporters on Friday, September 24. “And to see that they’re not making a play, it’s kind of frustrating because I want to see them go out there and make big plays, and we got to get there.

“I’m trying to take two or three men, however many, to take out of the pass or the run, so we have to take advantage of that.”

Garrett thought the defense responded and stepped up to the plate.

“They stepped up to the challenge. Knew who was coming in here was a great defense and a budding young quarterback who was hungry,” Garrett said. “We stepped up to the plate, and we knocked it out of the park.”

Odell Beckham Exhausted After First Game Back

While Beckham had some quips Garrett, the powerful pass-rusher had his own witty response when asked about OBJ’s return to the field, which would have been the lead story before his eruption.

“He was more tired than me,” Garrett said with a smile. “He looked good. Those hands are immaculate.”

Beckham finished his first game back with a team-high 77 yards on five catches. He showed off the great hands that made him a household name and came up with some clutch catches, including a 26-yard toe-tapping grab on the sideline.