Odell Beckham Teases ‘Real Story’ Behind Browns Breakup

NFL receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

Getty Images Free agent receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham Jr. can’t seem to escape the conversation about his departure from the Cleveland Browns and took to Twitter to spar over his ugly divorce from his former team.

Beckham jumped into a thread that started with a message from Cleveland content creator Sir Yacht, which said, “Come back to the Browns today OBJ,”

The thread generated quite the conversation, including some angrier comments reflecting on Beckham’s rocky tenure in Cleveland.

“Browns fans yearning for a return of the guy who cheated on them and relentless slagged them behind their back creates a need for Mass Group Therapy, like in a megachurch instead of a church basement. Redefining ‘self-esteem issues,'” one comment read, drawing Beckham’s attention.

Beckham responded: “It be ppl like you!! One day you’ll kno the real storyzzz… always a few sides to a story playa … Plus, I went and handle my binessss.”

Beckham’s exit from the Browns was a dramatic one, with the polarizing pass-catcher forcing his way out after the trade deadline. His father openly criticized quarterback Baker Mayfield on social media and his exit left the locker room torn, with many still supporting him.

There was also a report that he told Von Miller to avoid the Browns during the offseason while working out. The two would later go on to join forces on the Rams and win a Super Bowl.

is an unrestricted free agent but is currently recovering from a torn ACL he suffered in the Super Bowl — his second serious knee injury in as many seasons.

Beckham Didn’t Feel Closure With Browns

While Beckham is recovering from his latest knee injury, he’s expected to draw some interest after the revival he went through in Los Angeles, turning into a touchdown machine and proving he could still be a difference-maker on the field.

Beckham recorded 27 catches for 305 yards and five touchdowns in eight regular-season games. He added 21 catches for 288 yards and two touchdowns in four postseason games with LA, helping the team to a Super Bowl win.

Beckham said during Super Bowl week that he didn’t feel like he had closure on the situation in Cleveland, with things escalating very quickly.

“One of the biggest regrets I have about the way things ended is I didn’t have … it’s like having a breakup but there really was no closure,” he told reporters. “It was just it. One of the things I’ve always been big on in my life is closure, because if you don’t have closure, the doors, if they’re not closed, they are always still open. Having to leave and leave these guys you had lifetime friendships with, they’re your brothers, and it was just so abrupt.”

Beckham Addressed Return to Browns Previously

The idea of Beckham and his buddy Jarvis Landry returning to the Browns has been floated this offseason, with Deshaun Watson now taking over at quarterback.

In March, Beckham responded to a tweet proposing a return to the Browns. Cleveland rapper Tezo tweeted: “@obj come back champ! Lol.”

Beckham responded: “Lol that’s an interesting one.”

While the idea of Beckham and Landry returning to give it a run with Watson and Amari Cooper is appealing on the surface, it’s not realistic. While Beckham’s issue appeared to be more with Mayfield than anything else, Andrew Berry and the front office staff likely won’t welcome OBJ back after the situation he put them through.

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